24 Scrapbooking Terms Every Crafter Needs to Know

From brads to die cutting to punching, scrapbooking terminology can be confusing to new crafters. Don’t let the lingo discourage you from digging into your paper stash! Once you get the hang of some of the most common terms, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master scrapbooker.

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13 Type Terms You Need To Know (But Probably Don’t)

Typography has its own unique lexicon filled with strange-sounding terms and confusing distinctions. While you may be familiar with basics like “baseline” and “x-height”, terms like “gadzook”, “quaint”, and “tittle” may be new to your vocabulary. So without further ado, here are 13 typography terms you probably don’t know (but

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Typography 101: Understanding Typeface Anatomy and Its Impact

The key to understanding typography and type design is to understand what characteristics make each typeface similar or different. The differences can be glaringly obviously or quiet and subtle, but they all lie in each typeface’s unique anatomy. But before we start dissecting the letter, we want to correct a

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10 Terms Every Print & Graphic Designer Should Know

Do you know the difference between a font and typeface? What about the difference between a raster and a vector? If you don’t, never fear. Every industry has its jargon, and graphic design is no exception. There’s even jargon within the jargon – a web designer operates according to an

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Paper Tools: Basis Weight & Grammage Weight

When you shop for paper online at The Paper Mill Store, you’ll notice that we also list a weight in addition to the paper mill and paper size. The technical term for this weight is “basis weight”. There are many different types of paper, including cover paper, bond paper, and

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.JPG, .EPS, .PSD, Oh My!: Common Design File Types Explained

Gone are the days when the only file types were hand-drawn graphics or simple pieces of paper fed through a typewriter. In today’s digital world, file types abound – and they can be confusing. To help take the mystery out of the bewildering array of file type acronyms, we’ve created

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7 Color Terms Every Designer Should Know

Did you know that the human eye can distinguish between approximately 10 million colors, but your computer monitor can display millions more? Color is about much more than just staying inside the lines like we’re taught as kids; color is inherently subjective, and it’s a complicated aspect of design. Check

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CMYK and RGB Color: Which One Should You Use?

Remember when “coloring” meant “Crayola” and the hardest decision you had to make was whether to use “real” colors or go crazy and color the sky yellow instead of blue? Now that we’re adults, color is a bit more complicated. Instead of 24 crayons to choose from, we have over

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