How To Make Your Design Files Print Ready

Every designer has experienced the pain and frustration of spending hours perfecting a design only to have it return from the printer looking nothing like their original vision. From color production to setting the proper margins to finding the right resolution, preparing your design for printing entails more than simply

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Print Like a Pro: How to Get the Best Results on Specialty Paper

Does this sound familiar? You feed your beautiful specialty paper into your printer, hit CTRL+P, and wait with bated breath as your project slowly emerges, only to discover that the words are illegible and there are weird marks all over your paper? Talk about frustrating. Printing on specialty paper is

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Digital Press Papers

There’s more to commercial printing than simply clicking Ctrl+P. Commercial printing encompasses a wide variety of unconventional print jobs, ranging in size, medium, and even printing method. There are two types of printing methods common to commercial printers: offset printing and digital printing. What is Offset Printing? Offset printing, also

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Bleed – What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

It may sound a little menacing, but bleed is one of the most important aspects of graphic design. Incorporating bleed is one of the simplest ways to ensure that your printed design turns out perfect, so let’s jump right in. What Is Bleed? “Bleed” refers to extending your design beyond

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Dots Per What!? Debunking DPI

Sure, you know what a pixel is, and you know what constitutes a high-resolution photo, but do you know what DPI is, and when to use it? You may think you do, but DPI isn’t as clear as you might think. What is DPI? DPI stands for “dots per inch”.

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10 Terms Every Print & Graphic Designer Should Know

Do you know the difference between a font and typeface? What about the difference between a raster and a vector? If you don’t, never fear. Every industry has its jargon, and graphic design is no exception. There’s even jargon within the jargon – a web designer operates according to an

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