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8 Patriotic Crafting Ideas for Independence Day

One of our nation’s most important days of the year is coming up quick! Whether you will be hosting an elaborate get-together, or are just looking for some new and exciting crafting ideas, this list is sure to spark some creativity! 1. Paper Lanterns Light up your holiday weekend with

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18 Ways to Dress Up Plain Notecards

Everyone loves receiving a handmade card, but not everyone has time to craft every card from scratch. That’s where plain notecards come in – by saving you the tedious task of measuring, cutting, and perfectly folding cardstock, plain notecards give you more time to creatively embellish your cards. Just think

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8 Ways to Use Spray Mists in your Paper Crafts

Most crafters are familiar with spongey ink pads (and the inevitable dyed finger tips that result from traditional stamping), but crafting inks are available in a number of formats that can each be used to create unique and interesting effects. If you’re new to paper crafting, spray mists and inks

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10 Ways to Use Vellum in your Paper Crafts

Did you know that “vellum” actually refers to two different types of paper? One is translucent, and the other feels slightly rough to the touch. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the translucent variety and how you can use it in your paper crafts. But before we

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It’s Raining Ombré: How To Use Ombré in Your Paper Crafts

If you feel like the ombré trend exploded overnight, you’re not alone. Ombré effects have been used in select fields for centuries, but nowadays, ombré is used in a variety of creative pursuits, from fashion design and hairstyling to graphic design, the culinary arts, and paper crafting. Ombré is more

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53 Tips for Beginner Scrapbookers

Established scrapbookers know that there’s no better way to chronicle your family’s favorite memories than by immortalizing them as a totally unique, personalized work of scrapbooking art. But for those who are new to the art, creating attractive, artistic scrapbook layouts can seem impossibly difficult. Scrapbooking may look complicated, but

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12 Inspiring Cards You Can Make at Home

Forget boring, store-bought greeting cards! Homemade cards may take a little more effort, but they add a heartfelt sentimentality that can’t be matched by their store-bought counterparts. Here’s a tip before you get started designing and crafting your homemade cards: if you’re searching for inspiration online, don’t worry too much

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Beyond Typed Text: How to Add a Personal Touch with Hand Lettering

Nothing compares to the neatness and readability of typed letters, but sometimes your message needs a bit more of a personal and artistic touch. That’s where hand lettering comes in. Hand lettering is a fantastic creative outlet, but it’s also a beautiful way to personalize your homemade cards, scrapbook pages,

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