Paper Mill Showcase: Elevating Your Prints with Neenah Pearlized Papers

When it comes to printing, the medium is just as meaningful as the message. With their distinct shimmer and refined texture, Neenah Pearl papers effortlessly elevate every printed piece, adding a touch of sophistication and allure to any project.

Neenah Pearlized papers offer more than just aesthetic appeal. The irresistible pearlescent finish is more than just a sparkling surface treatment—it’s a transformative feature that infuses printed materials with a dynamic shimmer and captivating depth.

Manufactured using natural pigments that don’t employ foils or metals, Neenah Pearl’s luminous pearlescent finish is designed to engage the senses with a subtle play of light and texture.

Neenah Pearl papers are available in a palette of 12 mesmerizing colors. Half of these colors offer a digital smooth finish compatible with leading digital presses like HP Indigo, Xerox iGen, and Kodak NexPress.

Neenah pearlized papers are a preferred choice across a wide spectrum of print applications. Whether you’re printing announcements, corporate collateral, or wedding invitations, Neenah Pearl papers will turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, leaving a lasting impression.

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Let’s dig into what makes Neenah pearlized papers so radiant and versatile.

When to Use Neenah Pearl Papers

Pearlized Smooth and Pearlized Digital Smooth papers, along with their matching envelopes, are ideal for a variety of applications where elegance, a touch of shimmer, and a premium feel are desired.

Potential applications for Neenah Pearl include:

  • Announcements and invitations
  • Business cards
  • Booklets, brochures, and flyers
  • Business proposals and resorts
  • Corporate identity and marketing campaigns
  • Direct mail, envelope stuffers, and inserts
  • Letterheads and newsletters
  • Menu cards and event programs
  • Product packaging
  • Personal correspondence and greeting cards
  • Wedding stationery

Printing Specs & Production Tips

Designed with printing professionals in mind, Neenah Pearl Papers are available in a number of full sheet sizes. They’re compatible with offset printers, as well as dry toner and liquid ink digital presses, offering impeccable print quality every time, no matter what printing method you choose.

Neenah Pearl papers are also acid-free with archival qualities, guaranteeing that your inventory and printed materials are beautiful and built to last.

How to achieve the best results when printing on Neenah Pearl papers:

  • Storage: Allow papers 24 hours to acclimate papers to pressroom conditions, maintaining a humidity level of 40-55% at 70-75°F.
  • Prepress: Keep the total printed area coverage under 260% to ensure optimal drying and quality. If you’re planning to print heavy black or blue areas, Neenah recommends undercolor removal to alleviate long drying times.
  • Ink: Always use fully oxidizing inks with Neenah Pearl, and consider using a drying agent for best results. UV inks are also acceptable. Neenah Pearl papers are also suitable for laser and monochrome inkjet printing, but pretest recommended for optimal results. For two-sided printing, use a 20/30 micron spray powder; for single-sided printing, a 40/50 micron spray powder will prevent set-off and allow oxygen to enter the stack. Small lifts (not to exceed 4” in height, or less pile height depending on ink coverage) and additional drying time are necessary prior to other converting steps.
  • Varnish and Coatings: While low solvent (0-5%) varnish can protect, it will not enhance Neenah Pearl’s appearance and may even alter the paper’s appearance. Aqueous coatings may also alter the visual effect of pearlized appearance. Pretesting is always recommended.
  • Engraving: Engraving ink requires no special treatment. For the best results, Neenah recommends using a female plate with 0.064 gauge copper, along with a hand cut male counter plate of 24-ply counter board, applied with 2,000-4,000 lbs of pressure. The optimal pressure range depends on the complexity of the copy being printed.
  • Foil Stamping: Foils that are compatible with non-porous substrates are recommended. Always pretest to determine the proper foil, heat conditions, and required pressure.
  • Folding, Scoring and Binding: Letterpress channel scores should be parallel to the grain direction. Binding should also be parallel to grain direction to prevent moisture build up and minimize wear on the crease.

Key Characteristics & Specifications

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Elevate Your Prints with Neenah Pearlized Papers

Neenah Pearl papers offer a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that every piece of printed material not only conveys its message but does so with an unmatched elegance and style. Whether you’re using Neenah pearlized papers for professional or personal use, these premium papers promise to transform your communications into memorable experiences.

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