Year of Weddings: February Weddings

February Weddings

February is an unconventional choice for weddings, which means your event will be a memorable and welcome way to break up the humdrum of winter.


  • Venues and other contractors will be cheaper.
  • Venues and other vendors will be easier to book, with less competition from other events.
  • Winter allows for endlessly rich dessert tables, hot cocoa bars, and copious amounts of comfort food. Your guests will not be leaving hungry or unsatisfied.
  • Valentine’s wedding!


  • Shorter days and colder temperatures in northern states may pose a challenge for outdoor photography.
  • Travel can be expensive, especially for destination weddings.
  • Higher risk of poor weather and weather-related complications.


By now, the thrill of the first snowfall has worn off, so you may want to stay away from the snow theme and opt for something a little more welcoming, such as an evergreen or mountain lodge theme. Instead of cool monochrome color palettes, think warm woolen blankets, cozy votive or pillar candles, and dessert buffets laden with hot chocolate and other seasonal comfort food.

When it comes to florals, opt for winter-wonderful greens, hardy and textural accents, and jewel tones, such as:

  • Olive branches
  • Roses
  • Jewel-toned blooms
  • Snowdrops
  • Thistle

Warm things up with bright metallic accents like silver, gold, or brass vases or pillar candles. Rose gold is also a great choice if you want to play up the Valentine’s season using shades of pink.


For February weddings, opt for rich jewel tones or muted pastels:

  • Red or Raspberry Pink: For a hint of romance in line with the Valentine season. Pair it with black for extra drama, or dial it down with ivory or white.
  • Blush pink: A subtle alternative to bright pink shades, and a classic wedding shade thanks to its versatility.
  • Amethyst purple or lilac: Pair with gray or gold.
  • Sage green: This muted green hue pairs well with rich jewel tones or neutrals.
See them together:

Paper and Stationery

Get inspired by these ideas:

  • Script: An elegant script font, hand-drawn or otherwise, plays on the romance of the Valentine season without being overwhelming. Get inspired by these gorgeous floral invites by One Suite Day:

Floral Motifs: Avoid obvious motifs like love hearts and opt for floral graphics instead. They’re seasonal and very trendy, especially if you opt for a watercolor look.

Metallic Paper: Add some shimmer to your stationery suite and warm things up on a cool night using metallic envelopes, or matting your invites, programs, or menus onto metallic card stock.

Snowflakes: Invitations for February weddings will likely be sent at the onset of winter, so don’t worry about using traditional winter motifs before anyone can stomach the thought of snowfall. Take a look at these invites by Tickled Pink Wedding Stationery:

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