Year of Weddings: July Weddings

July Weddings

Summer is in full swing. If the temperature isn’t too hot in your area, what better way to celebrate than with an outdoor wedding?


  • Less chance of rain and other inclement weather.
  • Have fun with summer menus and motifs.
  • Get patriotic and combine your wedding with your 4th of July celebrations.
  • Long days with lots of sunlight make for great wedding photos.


  • Can be extremely hot in some states.
  • Heat can wilt outdoor blooms or melt your makeup.
  • A very popular month for weddings—booking vendors and venues may be difficult or expensive.
  • Your guests may have vacations booked—make sure you get your invites out early!


If you’re opting for an outdoor wedding, keep your guests cool with boozy popsicles , shady umbrellas, or paper fans . Cute customized sunglasses also make a great photo op and party favor! Dress up your space with some whimsical twinkle lights, interspersed with citronella lanterns to keep mosquitos and other irksome summer pests away.

A nautical theme is a great way to pay a subtle nod to the themes and colors of high summer. If a full-on sailboat or seaside motif doesn’t appeal to you, add some nautical charm by using rope to accent your vases, and opt for sea-worthy colors like navy and a nice, clean white.

Fill your vases with seasonal florals like:

  • Gladiolas
  • Phlox
  • Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Scabiosa
  • Zinias

Patterned bridesmaid dresses are also very trendy this year, and are the perfect way to add some cheer to a summer wedding.


Take advantage of summer sunshine by incorporating rich, energetic colors into your decor.

  • Navy blue: Dark blue is both rich and neutral, making it the perfect base shade for a July wedding. Pair it with coral pink , bright orange , or yellow, or create a beachy monochrome palette using different shades of blue .
  • Gold: Gold accents keep things warm while adding some glam to your color scheme.
  • Vintage Shades: Dusty rose, taupe, and mauve are perfect for outdoor or countryside weddings.
  • Teal: A bright ocean blue or teal shade is perfectly in season. Try pairing it with a light beige or neutral brown.
See them together:

Paper and Stationery

Play up the themes and motifs of high summer by incorporating them into your stationery design:

Kraft Paper: Neutral Kraft paper pairs well with most colors, and it can be dressed up or down to suit the tone of your event.

Stripes: Chunky stripes are nautical and elegant. Try using striped envelope liners, or a striped motif in your invitation design.

Programs: It gets hot outdoors in July. Print your programs onto super heavy cardstock so they can double as fans for outdoor weddings.

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