Year of Weddings: December Weddings

December Weddings

December is prime holiday season, so if you’re a fan of all things Christmas, a December wedding may be right up your alley. New Year’s Eve weddings are also very popular, if you want to capitalize on the glamor of the festive season without conflicting with Christmas celebrations.


  • Decor is easy to find, especially if you’re going for a yuletide theme.
  • Christmas and New Year’s weddings!
  • Wedding vendors may be cheaper during the off-season.


  • Travel can be expensive.
  • With the holiday season, guest, venue, and vendor availability may be limited.
  • Weather can be unpredictable.


December weddings can easily utilize holiday-inspired color palettes, accents, and decor, or you can eschew traditional holiday motifs in favor of an alternative winter look like these invites by Ever After Papery. Check out our Winter Wedding Guide for theme ideas, accent inspiration, and paper suggestions.

Some patterns, textures, and accents are perfect for a December wedding, whether you opt for festive or otherwise seasonal decor. Plaid, poinsettias, and evergreen boughs are all appropriate for December, and don’t need to scream Christmas. Rosemary is another fragrant green that can be incorporated into your stationery design, floral arrangements, and even your bouquet or boutonniere.

When it comes to florals, think:

  • Amaryllis
  • Ranunculus
  • Dusty Miller
  • Moss
  • Calla lilies
  • Silver birch branches

Pinecones also add texture, and can be arranged in glass bowls or vases to make a seasonal centerpiece.


Holiday colors reign supreme when it comes to December weddings, but there are many less festive alternatives if you prefer a more understated look:

  • White: An all-white palette is classic and elegant. Add texture by layering matte papers with metallic white card stock, or by accenting your palette with silver, gold, or black decorations.
  • Sage Green: A sage hue is an understated alternative to a bright holiday green. It pairs well with yellow, gray, pale blue, or dusty pink.
  • Burgundy: Bright red is always appropriate for December, but a mature burgundy or marsala hue tones down the holiday feel while adding a hint of drama.
  • Gold: Gold is a great accent year-round, but it’s just perfect for a December wedding. These invites for Dayton and Shaun’s wedding pair gold with a bold black card stock to create a dramatic look that’s on point for December:
See them together:

Paper and Stationery

Have fun with your December wedding invitations and play up the festive season using holiday motifs.

Holly and Berries: The holly and berry motif is a classic choice for December wedding invites. Try using a watercolor effect to stay on trend for 2018. For a more floral look, poinsettias are a great alternative.

Wove Finish: Add subtle texture and a touch of elegance to your invitations using a wove finish paper.

Translucent Vellum: A layer of clear translucent vellum adds an undeniably winter feel to your stationery. Try printing your menus directly onto a sheet of translucent paper, or adding a thin layer of vellum to your invitation suite for added depth and a snowy feel.

Blue: A rich royal blue or a lighter shade of ice blue are less conventional holiday colors, but they’re very seasonal and elegant without relying on a traditional colour palette. Try using dark blue card stock, or even metallic paper.

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