Year of Weddings: September Weddings

September Weddings

Happy harvest season! Early autumn is abundant with theme and decor options that can be tweaked to highlight summer or autumn motifs.


  • It’s still warm out, but not so hot that you and your guests will be uncomfortable outdoors.
  • The leaves are starting to change color, which will make for gorgeous photos.
  • There are no major holidays to contend with.
  • Richer, darker hues are back on the table.


  • It’s hurricane season in some states.
  • The weather may be less predictable.
  • Busier post-summer schedules may make it tough for guests to attend.
  • Prices may still be elevated following peak summer wedding season.


Celebrate the abundance of fall by incorporating a harvest theme into your event decor. There are a number of ways you can achieve a harvest aesthetic:

  • Adorn your tables with fresh (or faux) seasonal produce.
  • Filled baskets or vases make great centerpieces.
  • Use faux miniature gourds, squash, or apples as accents for your floral arrangements.
  • Include harvest motifs and colors in your stationery design.
  • Incorporate fresh, seasonal flavor your menu.

If you love pumpkins but their bright orange hue clashes with your color palette of choice, opt for a white pumpkin instead, or paint them to suit your scheme. Apples are another bright and cost-effective way to decorate your event. Bushels overflowing with apples are both gorgeous seasonal, and candy apples make a great party favor. And how about that pie cake trend?! (Don’t even get us started on the cheese cake trend).

When it comes to florals, opt for seasonal blooms like:

  • Roses – always in season!
  • Crab apples
  • Apple blossoms
  • Fiddle ferns
  • Wheat

Textural fabrics like burlap and linen can also help complement the harvest theme. Try using these seasonal fabrics as placemats, tablerunners, or wrapped around centerpieces or floral arrangements. For a less rustic pattern, opt for rich plaids. Stalks of wheat are also very textural, and their neutral shade is easy to pair with just about any color scheme.


The start of fall means a return to more subdued color palettes, but it’s still summer so bright colors are absolutely still in season.

  • Taupe and Ivory: These muted neutrals make a great base for your color palette.
  • Teal and Gold: Teal is pure summer, but gold adds a hint of autumn that’s perfect for September. Teal also pairs nicely with burnt orange—another autumn classic!
  • Navy and Blush: This pairing is slightly more dramatic, but is perfect for early fall thanks to the deep blue tones.
  • Burnt Orange: This ultra-fall hue is bright enough to be summery, but its distinctly autumn undertones are super seasonal.
  • Muted Pastels: Think blush pink, sage green, and dusty blue. They’re colorful enough for summer, but their muted overtones are great for fall.
See them together:

Paper and Stationery

With invites sent at the peak of summer for a late-season event, you can incorporate both summer and autumn themes into your stationery design.

Linen Paper: Linen textured paper is mimics the look of burlap so it can be used to create a rustic feel, but it’s also an elegant choice for more sophisticated designs.

Leaves: Play up the autumn vibe by tossing some paper leaves into your outer envelope, or opt for a leaf or rose motif.

Kraft Paper: Kraft paper is neutral in color so it pairs well with bright summer or rich early-fall palettes, and it’s easy to dress up or down to suit your event’s style.

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