2018 Wedding Trends: From the Runway to Your Invitations

Your wedding stationery suite does more than simply communicate the details of your event to your family and friends – it also represents who you are as a couple, and sets the tone for your wedding. The color palette, texture, and weight of your invitations and other stationery signals to invitees what kind of event they can expect, whether it’s a formal, elegant affair or a casual wedding with rustic flair.

Stationery styles change as quickly as what’s in fashion. We’ve taken a look at some of 2018’s hottest wedding trends as dictated by the fashion industry so you can incorporate them into your stationery suite and coordinate every aspect of your wedding, creating a cohesive event that encapsulates you as a couple.

The Trends

While traditional silhouettes and styles will always be popular, designers have made a shift and embraced an unconventional color palette with their 2018 collections, such as millennial pink. Embroidered details and 3D embellishments add dimension and texture—a trend that translates well to stationery and is easy to recreate with paper products.

To date, there looks to be four main themes for next year:

  1. An expansion on the boho-chic look with a more romantic and elegant edge. Look for dreamy styling with sheer, light layers and flower detailing, as well as traditional white shades with materials like satin, silk, lace, and tulle.
  2. A glittering and gorgeous, high-glamour look that embraces the drama and decadence of Old Hollywood style. Favorite materials include charmeuse, taffeta, and embroidered tulle. Items should be sculptural and sparkling, with a sheen of pearlescence and diamante embellishments.
  1. The most traditional of the themes, a classic romantic style, incorporates delicate details in the form of small pearls and dense embellishments. Soft, sheer layering creates an ethereal and feminine look, while satin bows, pearl-covered lace, chiffon and embroidered flower petal detailing add volume and dimension to simple silhouettes.
  1. Sleek and chic, the fourth theme provides a more modern aesthetic. Traditional colors edged in black ribbon, adorned with feathers and a subtle sparkle add depth to this new take on wedding attire. Fully transparent layers and lightweight, soft materials create a simple, yet sophisticated style.

In addition to these four themes, there are several stationery-specific trends you should expect to see more of in the year to come:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Watercolor and stone patterns
  • Monograms
  • Calligraphy
  • Creative envelope liners

Get Creative with Colors

In addition to traditional white and ivory, oyster tones, pale pinks, light greens, as well as much more dramatic blacks and deep reds made an appearance on the runway in 2018 collections. Rose gold continues to reign supreme, with color combinations of black and white or millennial pink and baby blue appearing in many wedding color palettes. Dark and metallic details abound, and are ideal for adding drama by edging or backing invitations with black, dark blues, copper or rose gold.

These colors pair well with a wide variety of shades, making it easy for you to find something in-style that suits a hue you may have already selected. Check out these right-off-the-runway colors:


RGB: 237 241 254


RGB: 242 240 235


RGB: 240 239 226


Similar to:

RGB: 216 231 231


RGB: 248 225 231


RGB: 164 41 46
HEX: A4292E


RGB: 53 52 53
HEX: 333333

Textures & Finishing Touches

Wedding textures often lean toward the luxurious, and your paper selection should be no different. The right paper finish provides a visual and tactile experience that completes your design and conveys a message about what kind of event your guests can expect.

When it comes to texture, 2018 is all about diamonds, pearls, ethereal layers, gauzy fabrics, and 3D florals. Recreating these materials is surprisingly easy: think embossed paper, sparkly metallics, shiny pearlescents, sheer vellums and translucent papers, and the subtle sheen of a satin or silk finish.

PRO TIP: Build on that fabulous fabric-inspired base with DIY details like marble or watercolor effects. Learn how to marbleize stationery or create a watercolor effect with crafting ink.

Incorporate some of next year’s most memorable materials and patterns into your wedding stationery or decorations by selecting a paper finish to match:

Another trend seeing a surge in popularity is the use of unique envelope liners. This creative addition adds a bit of excitement to traditional invitation envelopes and can be used to include important information, cute couple-facts, or simply as a decorative element. There’s a variety of liners to choose from, such as the fun and colorful foil-lined, or you can try making your own! Use a printable template on a paper you love, cut it out and glue it to the envelope.

Enviable & In-style invitations

With wedding stationery suites, personal preference is the most important factor when it comes to your final selection. What’s in style may not be what’s best for you, but it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the latest trends and try to incorporate them where you can.

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