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January Weddings

January is the perfect month for hosting a wedding with a winter theme without worrying about overlapping with the holiday season, both in terms of event decor style and guest availability.


  • Your guests are more likely to be available, with fewer conflicting events.
  • Venues and other contractors may be cheaper.
  • Perfect season for a beach honeymoon!
  • Weather permitting, you’ll end up with some stunning outdoor photos. Stay warm with a faux fur stole!


  • Colder weather means limited outdoor wedding activities.
  • Outdoor photography may be a challenge.
  • Unexpected snowstorms may prevent guests from attending.
  • Post-holiday season fatigue or budget considerations may also prevent guests from attending.


Instead of traditional festive holly and berries, opt for in-season florals such as:

  • Hanging amaranthus
  • Dusty miller spray
  • Roses
  • Anemone

Tree boughs and other textured greens like rosemary are another great way to stay seasonal without appearing too “holiday”. Try creating an evergreen backdrop for your head table or draping doorways with boughs. You could also attach a small sprig of cedar or rosemary to your menus or programs.

A snow theme is also perfectly in season for January. Add a little warmth to this often-monochromatic color palette using candles and fairy lights. Bright gold accents throughout your event can also add a warm glow.

For more seasonal decor ideas that are perfect for January weddings, check out our Winter Wedding Guide.


If you don’t want your wedding to resemble last month’s holiday party, avoid using red and green together (though you could certainly use each one on their own). These colors are great alternatives to traditional holiday shades:

  • All White: Perfect for a snowy theme! Complement an otherwise monochrome color palette using silver accents.
  • Grey: Warm up this classic, elegant shade with a sage green, blush pink or muted red like A. Renee Weddings:
  • Blue: Ice blue or deep indigo give new meaning to the phrase “January blues”. Pair them with a deep red for extra drama, or add a touch of sparkle using gold accents.
  • Dark brown: This warm hue looks gorgeous with emerald or sage green.
  • Black: Trust us—black is edgy and unconventional, but timeless and dramatic. Pair it with gold or rose gold.
See them together:

Paper and Stationery

For a January wedding, you’ll be sending your invites out in the fall. Keep these tips in mind when choosing your stationery and designing your suite:

Design: Opt for winter themes that won’t seem out of place before the snow flies, such as evergreen motifs , ski lodge graphics, or animal silhouettes like antlers or deer.

Paper Finish: Softer but durable paper stocks, like a felt-textured card stock, are perfect for January weddings. Laid finish paper mimics the texture of evergreen tree boughs, if you decide to use a tree bough motif like @ipanemapress.

Aromatics: Toss a piece of cedar or rosemary into your envelopes for an extra touch of wintery charm, or attach a small sprig to your placecards, programs, or menus.

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