Winter Wedding Guide: Themes

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Summer may be peak wedding season, but colder temperatures, flying snow, and festive cheer make winter the most romantic season of the year. What better way to celebrate the start of your new life with your partner than to cuddle up with your loved ones and a glass of mulled wine while the snow flies?

Whether you’ve already picked a winter date or still mulling your options, we’ve put together a Winter Wedding Guide to help you choose a theme, find the perfect color palette , and create your ideal stationery suite . In part 1, we’ll take a look at four popular winter wedding themes:

  1. Evergreen
  2. Snow
  3. Sky lodge
  4. Holidays

Let’s jump in!

Theme: Evergreen

This seasonal look is similar to the Woodlands theme we described in our Autumn Wedding Guide, but with the addition of warmer textures and wintery shades like blue and purple, which add modern elegance to the traditional dark chocolate brown and forest green hues that characterize this theme. Here are our ideas for incorporating this theme into your winter wedding:



Tree boughs: Tree boughs—fresh or faux—are essential to any evergreen-themed winter wedding. Cedar boughs are easy to find, and have an irresistible winter scent. Try incorporating cedar boughs into your tablescape or hanging them from the backs of your chairs or in archways. Don’t be afraid of brown boughs either—they add great contrast and create a quietly rustic feeling.

Bark: Bark textures add subtle drama and are easy to employ throughout your event using twigs and branches, birch candles, or even birch-lined vases.

Wool: Wool is warm and rustic—perfect for a winter wedding. Try using woolen table runners, or give your guests a toasty wool blanket or scarf to keep them warm like Placid Planner Weddings (below). Felt-textured paper also mimics the look of wool felt, and is perfect for adding texture to your wedding stationery.

Lace: Delicate lace contrasts the predominantly rustic look of an evergreen them, adding a feminine touch that will stand out against more masculine textures like tree bark. Use it to line your table runners, keep your hands warm with lace glovelets, or wrap your invitations in swaths of lace before popping them into your outer envelopes.

Decorative Touches

The evergreen theme is ripe with opportunities to add elegant and rustic decorative touches to your winter wedding. Here are our favorites:

  • Pinecones are an essential (and cost-effeective) evergreen accent. Incorporate them into your tablescape, use them to add texture and dimension to your placecards, or add a DIY touch with paper pinecones in any color that suits your event.
  • Bright red berries, such as cranberries, pepperberries, or even pomegranate seeds, add a pop of color to cooler winter palettes. Add a few sprigs to your bouquet and floral arrangements, or use a berry motif for your stationery.
  • Nothing says “evergreen” like a bit of plaid. Give your guests plaid blankets, decorate your table with a tartan tablerunner, or line your invitation envelopes with plaid paper.
  • Wreaths don’t have to scream “Christmas”! A partial wreath made using a variety of greenery and other textural elements, like this one by Minted Weddings, is seasonally appropriate without going overboard on the festive feel. For a DIY look, make your own wreaths out of paper.

Paper and Stationery

Cedar Sprigs: Small sprigs of cedar are easy to affix to your programs, menus, or even to toss in with your wedding invitations or save the dates. They smell great, too!

Forest Colours: Combine dark chocolate brown with forest green and a bright white to evoke a winter feel and set the tone for your evergreen-themed event.

Textured Paper: Felt-textured paper is reminiscent of warm wool, and will add subtle dimension to your stationery suite. Laid finish paper also complements the texture of evergreen tree boughs. Check out these textured invitations by @theinvitehub:

Invitations: Set the tone for your evergreen wedding with these quick and easy invitation ensembles:

Theme: Snow

Love the look of a monochrome color palette? A snowy theme is perfect for you. Create your own winter wonderland with our ideas for a snow-themed winter wedding.



Satin: Satin is a classic, elegant choice for any winter wedding. Plus, its subtle shimmer is reminiscent of freshly fallen snow or crystal clear ice. Drape your seating in satin, accent your wedding dress with a satin shawl, or dress your bridal party in seasonal satin colors. You could also use a satin finish paper to create your stationery suite, or embellish your invites with a satin ribbon like @carlycreativeco:

Velvet: Similar to satin, velvet is soft and shimmery like fresh snowfall, but it’s a little more glamourous and tactile. Create an eye-catching backdrop with swathes of velvet, accent your floral arrangements with velvet-covered vases, or even incorporate velvet into your wedding wardrobe. Silver card stock is ideal for a snow-themed color palette. A bright red velvet cape provides beautiful contrast set against a clean white backdrop of snow:

Sequins: Sequins sometimes get a bad rap, but when used properly (like for a snow-themed winter wedding!), they add some much needed sparkle to an often monochromatic colour palette. Try edging your table runners with sequins, and of course, sequin-embellished wedding dresses always fit the bill. For a more subtle sheen, try using clear plastic sequins.

Frosted Glass: Amp up the cozy feelings with some frosted glass votives, or even frosted plates and stemware. Mimic the look of frosted glass in your stationery suite by overlaying a sheet of translucent paper over your invites and save the dates. If you want to add a pop of rich color or shiny metal, try using mercury glass instead.

Cotton: Cotton balls look just like snowballs. Try dotting your floral arrangements with some carefully arranged cotton balls, create some cute cotton ball garlands, or make your own DIY backdrop.

Decorative Touches

Decorating a snow-themed wedding is all about drama and elegance. This theme lends itself well to a monochromatic color palette, but these creative decorative touches can add some extra dimension and interest to your event:

  • Snowflakes are easy to dress up or dress down, depending on the look and feel you’re seeking. Homemade paper-cut snowflakes can be a bit more casual (and are a great way to involve kids in the party planning), but they can also look crisp and sophisticated – just like real snowfall.
  • Crystal and rhinestones add some glitz to a snowfall-themed wedding. From crystal jewelry to a brooch bouquet instead of traditional flowers, crystals are easy to incorporate into your wedding attire. For your event decorations, dot crystals throughout your floral arrangements or tablescape. Hit the thrift shops for some low-cost finds, or mimic the shimmery look with metallic paper. These snowy invites by @katherine_elizabeth_invites combine a delicate snowflake papercut liner with white and a luxurious wax seal:
  • With snow comes ice. Add some drama to your event with icicles hanging from your head table, icicle backdrops, or by hanging glass icicles (like you’d buy for your Christmas tree) throughout your venue. You could also create your own paper icicles using this tutorial for a less understated look.
  • Pearls add a touch of timeless beauty, and they look just like tiny, frosted snowballs. Aside from pearl jewelry and pearl-embellished wedding dresses, try accenting your placecards with some faux pearls, or use a pearl white paper.

Paper & Stationery

Snowflake Motifs: Set the scene with your save the dates and invitations by incorporating a snowflake motif like these gorgeous laser-cut invites by Ingledew Invites:

Metallic Envelopes: Start the party on a glamorous foot with metallic envelopes. Silver or white are perfect for a snow-themed winter wedding, or for some added drama and contrast, opt for a metallic black envelope.

Silver and Gold: The snow theme is perfect for an all-white color palette, but if you want to add a touch of color without distracting from your theme, silver and gold should be your go-tos. Try backing your programs and menus onto silver or gold cardstock, or use silver and gold envelopes for your invitations and thank you cards.

Invitations: All-white stationery or suites with snowy hues like teal or dramatic black accents are perfect for a snow-themed wedding. Check out these invitation ensembles:

Theme: Ski Lodge

Whether you ski, snowboard, or just like to apres ski (AKA, kick back in the hot tub) surrounded by snowbanks and mountain peaks, the ski lodge theme can range from quaint and rustic to upscale and sophisticated to suit your tastes.



Faux Fur: Nothing says “mountain lodge” like old-fashioned hunting trophies. If taxidermy animals aren’t your style, faux fur is an easy way to incorporate this classic look in a slightly more modern way. Stay warm with a faux fur stole, or add furry florals like fountain grasses or pussy willow to your bouquet or table arrangements.

Wood: Picture wood beams, log chalets, and wooden furniture. For a ski lodge winter wedding, think wood coasters and table decorations or decorative twigs throughout your floral arrangements and tablescape. You could also use wood-toned colors in your stationery suite, such as a lighter tan alongside a dark and dramatic chocolate brown.

Tweed: Besides keeping you warm, tweed suits are an appropriately sporting choice for a ski lodge-themed event. You could also dress up your decor with tweed table runners, or mimic tweed’s tactile texture using linen card stock.

Wool: Warm woolen scarves and mittens are quintessential ski lodge attire. Incorporate this classic texture using wool blankets, woolen ring pillows, or even woven table runners. You could also give your wedding party wool scarves to wear for your wedding photos. Mimic the look of wool using a felt textured paper in your wedding stationery suite.

Decorative Touches

Your ski lodge-themed decorative accents are limited only by your creativity! Here are some common motifs to get the inspiration flowing:

  • Bears and antlers are great graphic motifs that can be incorporated into your stationery design. Try using die cut shapes like these deer-shaped placecards by Little Orchard Creations, or silhouettes of your favorite woodland creatures like these invites by Kara’s Design (also featuring a gorgeous snowflake motif!):
  • If a romantic sleigh ride is a bit over-the-top for you but you still appreciate the classic elegance of this time-honored wintery scene, try incorporating some sleigh-themed elements into your decor, such as a sleigh-style bench for photos, a sleigh motif on your menus and programs, or even jingley sleigh bells draped throughout your event.
  • You can’t have a ski lodge without skis! A few artfully arranged skis or ski poles go a long way to creating a ski lodge ambience. You could even have guests sign vintage skis in white or silver permanent marker for a unique keepsake, or use miniature skis for your placecards. No skis on hand? Create a similar look using cinnamon sticks (which also smell great).
  • Pomegranates and their bright, jewel-like seeds are perfect for the mountain lodge theme. Pomegranate cocktails are a great option, and the seeds can make a lovely garnish for your meal if you like the flavour. Otherwise, try filling a bowl or glass jar with fresh, uncut pomegranates and pinecones for the perfect warm, winter look.

Paper & Stationery

Kraft Paper: Kraft paper is on-trend and affordable, and it’s perfect for achieving a rustic yet sophisticated look. It’s also available in multiple weights so you can use it easily throughout your event. For more inspiration, check out our favorite DIY Kraft paper wedding decorations. Pair your Kraft paper with a metallic white mat for an extra wintery look, like these lovely invites by Ever After Papery:

Placecards: Affix faux berries or small wool bows to your placecards and table menus.

Envelopes: Choose a textured envelope or use a patterned envelope liner to amp up the mountain lodge ambience.

Contrast: A subdued, textured ivory paper paired with classic dark tones like maroon or indigo is perfect for a ski lodge wedding.

Invitations: Incorporate an animal, antler, or sleigh motif into your stationery suite. This gorgeous invitation suite by Chelsea Creations Design features a vividly colored mountain motif alongside a watercolor evergreen tree graphic:

These mountain wedding invitations by L&V Photography combine a trendy watercolor motif in a subtle green hue with a unique, textural cartographic design:

Invitations: Browse our selection of wedding envelopes and notecards in the Ski Lodge color palette:

Theme: Holidays

Thanks to the holiday season, festive feelings abound throughout the winter. Why not capitalize on the cheer with a holiday-themed wedding?



Rosemary: This festive herb is commonly trimmed into a Christmas tree, but if a rosemary tree is too much for your taste, try attaching a sprig of rosemary to your table settings (like Ashprint London Ltd did below), programs, and menus, or even tossing a few fragrant dried leaves in with your invitations. You could also create mini wreaths to decorate your event, or even your wedding cake. Plus, the green hue pairs perfectly with rustic Kraft paper.

Metal: The glittery glow of shiny silver, gold, or brass is perfect for a festive wedding. Metal candelabras add some height to your tablescape, or you could attach silver sleigh bells to your chairs for a little extra jingle. To add some shimmer to your stationery, use metallic paper in silver, gold, or holiday colours like red, green, or blue.

Faux Fur: Red fabric lined with white faux fur might be a bit too “Santa Claus”, but a few furry white garlands (or any colour that suits your scheme) are a great way to incorporate this classic holiday motif without going over the top. Faux fur stoles will also keep your bridal party warm while you take photos:

Glass: Try filling glass jars or vases with holiday ornaments, fairy lights, or even berries and pomegranates. The subtle shine of the clear glass will amplify the festive feelings. For a more frosted look, incorporate translucent vellum into your invitations and other wedding stationery. Try using white or red – or whatever suits your color palette!

Decorative Touches

Many of the decorations you would normally use to decorate for the holidays can be re-purposed to decorate your winter wedding. Here are some popular options:

  • Holly and garlands add texture and cozy warmth to your event. Try draping your chairs or the front of your head table with simple garlands, or using them to create a festive backdrop. You could also add a few sprigs to your bouquet, or incorporate a holly motif into your stationery design like @papernpeonies:
  • Fir trees are quintessentially Christmas. If a decorated tree is too on the nose, use fir or cedar branches throughout your event.
  • Candles and twinkle lights add ambience, and can be draped from just about anywhere. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, this is a great way to add some festive charm.
  • Hang some mistletoe so your guests can share in the love. Try making this DIY paper mistletoe ball!
  • Wreaths can be dressed up or down to suit your tastes. For a DIY look, try making your own wreaths out of paper.

Paper & Stationery

Poinsettias: Set the tone for your holiday-themed wedding by incorporating these festive flowers into your stationery design, like Nicola at White Rabit. Stay on trend with a watercolor effect, or use a bright red envelope paired with a soft ivory paper.

  • Translucent Vellum: Add dimension to your stationery with translucent vellum. It’s available in many colors, including red, yellow and white.
  • Unconventional Colors: Royal blue or a lighter shade of blue are less conventional holiday colors, but they’re still very seasonal, and are a great way to add some elegance to your holiday-themed event without relying on a traditional colour palette. Try using dark blue card stock, or even metallic paper.
  • Invitations: The holiday season is always busy, whether you’re planning a wedding or not. Shop our selection of holiday-colored wedding envelopes and notecards:

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