It’s Raining Ombré: How To Use Ombré in Your Paper Crafts

If you feel like the ombré trend exploded overnight, you’re not alone. Ombré effects have been used in select fields for centuries, but nowadays, ombré is used in a variety of creative pursuits, from fashion design and hairstyling to graphic design, the culinary arts, and paper crafting.

Ombré is more than just a passing fashion – it’s here to stay, and it’s easy to see why. Ombré effects are simple and eye-catching, they suit almost any design, and they can be totally customized to suit your color palette.

What is Ombré?

Ombré, pronounced like “ohm-bray”, is a French term meaning “shaded”. The term describes the gradual blending of one color into another, usually by shifting tints and shades from light to dark to create a monochromatic look.

“Ombré” also describes two or more colors that gradually blend together in a gradient effect. Transitions can be distinct stripes of differently shaded or tinted colors, or they can be a smooth progression.

12 Ombré Paper Crafts Anyone Can Make

Historically, ombré was primarily a method of dyeing fabric. Today, ombré is used widely in a number of fields, including paper crafting.

To help get you inspired, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ombré paper crafts. Take a look:

1. Create ombré accents using paper

Cutting shapes in ombré-toned papers and arranging them vertically down your page is a great way to incorporate ombré into your crafting. You can re-create this using any shape and color palette you like. Try using leaves, flowers, raindrops, or any other die cut shape you like!

2. Mix up your media

Decorate homemade cards and scrapbook pages by using ribbon, buttons, or other embellishments in ombré shades. If you don’t have a wide selection of colored ribbon available, try dying your own using spray mists or inks.

3. Stamp it up

Repeat the same stamped image using gradually lighter or darker shades. This technique is perfect for creating grid-patterned backgrounds and embellishments without overwhelming your reader’s eye.

4. Create an ombré background using inkpads

Watercolor paper is perfect for creating your own, totally customized ombré pattern. Watch this video to learn two easy techniques for using inkpads to create ombré:

5. It’s raining ombré

This paper mobile turns the classic ombré effect into a cascade of colors. Customize the colors for your space or theme or switch up the shapes to suit your needs.

Here’s how to create your own ombré paper mobile.

6. Dress up your trash can

Give this under-appreciated household workhorse a makeover using paper!

7. Combine ombré with chevrons

This simple, clean artwork is easy to create and will look perfect in any space. Simply choose a few colors, cut some strips, and start braiding your paper. You’ll have a lovely piece of art in no time.

Follow this tutorial to get started.

8. Party time!

Create this beautiful ombré paper backdrop for your next party and get ready for infinite selfie and photo requests. It’s easy to make and it looks stunning.

Boots and Cats shows you how to make her ombré paper backdrop.

9. Garland galore

This simple paper garland is deceptively intricate. It looks fancy, but anyone can create it using a few simple tools.

Get the instructions on Bird’s Party.

10. Ombré paper earrings

We love when paper and fashion come together, like they do in these adorable ombré paper earrings.

Create the perfect accessory for any outfit by following this easy tutorial.

11. Dip-dyed stationery

Add an ombré effect to plain white notecards and envelopes to create a simple but striking homemade greeting card.

Follow jojotastic’s instructions to learn how. Try using these blank notecards:

4 Tips for Using Ombré in your Paper Crafts

There’s no right or wrong way to use ombré, but there are a few ways you can use it to make your designs and paper crafts truly stand out. Here are a few tips for using ombré:

  1. For a clean, simple look, use one color. The monochromatic look is always in style, and it will prevent your design from becoming overcomplicated.
  2. Don’t worry about creating a perfect gradient. As long as the shading is gradual, your lines don’t have to be perfectly straight. Your blending doesn’t have to be perfect either – in fact, a few imperfections can actually add to the appeal of the ombré effect.
  3. Instead of including gradually shaded elements, try incorporating multiple elements in different shades of your ombré color or colors. For example, you could use a light colored background, dark photo corners, and embellishments in a range of medium tones.
  4. For more drama, transition from a dark, saturated hue to bright white. For a more neutral look, use shades with lower contrast.

Oh My, Ombré!

Ombré effects are easy to create, and they complement almost any shade or project. Experiment with ombré by trying one of our favorite paper crafts or by simply incorporating gradually shaded elements into your homemade cards, scrapbook pages, or DIY décor. And don’t forget to share your crafts with us – we love to see your creations!

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