Paper Crafting

How To Layer Paper Like A Pro

Stamping and embossing are two great options for adding texture and dimension to your paper crafts, but if you don’t have the time or the tools for either technique (or if you just want to try something a little different!) paper layering is a simple but equally striking alternative. What

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How To Choose the Right Paper Size

Most people never think about paper size, but there are a few instances – like graphic design, scrapbooking, and even wedding planning – when the standard letter-sized sheet of paper just won’t cut it. Choosing the correct paper size is just as important as selecting an appropriate paper weight and

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7 Super Simple Stamping Techniques

Have you heard the good news? You don’t need to be a fantastic artist to incorporate beautiful designs into your paper crafts or scrapbook pages – all you need are stamps! Seriously. Stamps are the perfect way to add unique artistic elements to your crafts (even if you are a

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Seven Fold Limit – Fact or Fiction?

Paper is not a very mysterious product. In fact, it’s paper’s straightforward tangibility that makes it such a ubiquitous part of practically everyone’s lives. Sure, modern technology has made it easier to connect and communicate without paper, but we still love receiving letters in the mail, and many institutions still

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