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7 back to school paper crafts

7 Awesome Back to School Paper Crafts

It’s still technically summer, but school is back in! Keep the back to school excitement going after the initial enthusiasm of returning to class has passed with these great back to school paper crafts. After all, what student wouldn’t jump at the chance to cover that boring math textbook with brightly colored cardstock, or create a special notebook just for passing notes with their friends?

1.  Paper Bag BackpacksPaper Bag Backpack Back To School

These paper bag backpacks are perfect for everything back-to-school, from carrying brown bag lunches to toting around a plethora of new school supplies. And they’re easy enough for young kids to make on their own without help from mom and dad.

Head on over to Danielle’s Place to learn how to make your own paper bag backpack. Try using this purple or green cardstock!

2.  Pocket Fold Book Cover

Do your kids always seem to lose newsletters, permission slips, and homework assignments? Make it easier for them to keep track of loose paper by adding a pocket to the front of their textbooks.

Pocket Fold Textbook Cover Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart shows you how.

3.  Neon Textbook Cover

Goodbye boring textbook cover, hello fun neon designs! Suzy at Suzy’s Sitcom added some sunshine to her kid’s school days using the super-easy Iris Fold technique, and it looks fantastic.

Neon Textbook Covers Suzy's Sitcom Back To School

Check out Suzy’s blog to learn how to create your own neon textbook covers. Try using Astrobrights neon paper.

4.  DIY Piano Hinge Notebook

Encourage your student to take notes or keep better track of projects and due dates using this cool DIY piano hinge notebook. You can make it using any color you like, but we love Elissa’s bright choices! Create the same look using Astrobrights neon cardstock.

Piano Hinge Notebook Heidi Stationery Scoop Back to School

Learn how to make your own piano hinge notebook.

5.  Printable Bookplates

In a world of e-books and digital communication, bookplates may seem like a throwback to yesteryear. Really, they’re a quick and classic way to identify who owns a book, which every parent and teacher knows is important when you loan books to friends and students.

Printable Bookplates Alpha Mom Back to School

Download the printables, courtesy of Alpha Mom.

6.  Mini Friendship Notebooks

Text messaging may the modern incarnation of note passing, but there’s still nothing quite like unfolding a handwritten note and crafting a witty response under your desk and the watchful eye of your teacher. Why not make note passing extra special using a dedicated, specially designed notebook like this one?

Mini Friendship Notebooks Peaceful Mom Back to SchoolAll you need is a plain notebook, scrapbook paper, and some cute embellishments! Learn how to make your own mini friendship notebook, thanks to the Peaceful Mom.

7.  Neon Confetti Notebooks

There’s no such thing as too much neon (who else remembers Lisa Frank?)! You’ve already got neon textbooks, so why not cover your notebooks to match?

Neon Notebooks Madigan Made Back to School

Check out Madigan Made’s tutorial and learn how to create your own neon notebooks. Try using Astrobrights card stock!

School Is In!

School is back in whether your kids like it or not, so why not make the most of the upcoming school year by giving their boring school supplies a cool makeover? These back to school crafts are the perfect weekend activity, and they even make great class ideas for the start of the new school year.

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