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12 inspiring kraft paper wedding decorations

Get Krafty! 12 Inspiring Kraft Paper Accents for your Wedding

Kraft paper is a long-time favorite for those planning rustic, casual, or whimsical weddings. There’s a misconception that Kraft paper isn’t an appropriate paper choice for more elegant affairs, but if you pair it well with your other décor elements, Kraft paper can be used for just about any theme, from the most casual to most sophisticated.

Kraft paper is available in a number of shades, weights, and sizes – you can even get pre-cut and folded Kraft paper invitations and envelopes! Plus, It’s neutral enough to fit in with any color palette or event theme. Don’t believe me? Check out this gallery of beautiful Kraft paper weddings.

To help showcase the versatility of Kraft paper, we’ve compiled 12 of our favorite Kraft paper table accents and wedding decorations:

For Your Table

Setting your wedding table is a little more complicated than simply setting out plates and cutlery. There are a lot of elements to consider, from your centrepieces to your table numbers and placecards.

Kraft paper is the perfect canvas for your wedding tablescape. Take a look:

1.  Kraft paper tablecloths

Who didn’t love going to a restaurant with brown paper tablecloths and cups of crayons? Recall the charm of childhood by covering your wedding tables with Kraft paper tablecloths. Provide permanent markers or crayons and let your guests go wild!

If you’re having a buffet-style wedding or any type of self-serve feature, you could also label your Kraft paper tablecloths like you see here:

selve serve buffet kraft paper table runner tablecloth

See the whole look on Something Turquoise.

2.  Table runners

If covering your entire table in Kraft paper seems like too much for you, you can achieve a similar, slightly toned-down look by creating Kraft paper table runners. Leave your Kraft paper clear for a cleaner look, or add a little extra whimsy by stamping your runners with a simple pattern like polka dots.




3.  Table numbers

Print simple table numbers using Kraft paper cutouts and attach them to your centrepieces or floral arrangements.

kraft paper table runners


4.  Traditional placecards

Create your own placecards by printing or hand-lettering names onto small pieces of Kraft paper.

kraft paper placecards


Save yourself some time by purchasing pre-cut or scored Kraft paper.

5.  An alternative to traditional placecards

If traditional placecards aren’t your style, try creating truly unique place settings by individually labelling each seat on using a Kraft paper tablecloth or table runner.

alternative kraft paper placecards


6.  Printable table numbers and placecards

These table numbers and placecard printables are both cute and economical.

printable kraft paper placecard

Purchase the printable files from Modern Mountain Life.

7.  Silverware Bundles

These silverware bundles may not have been designed for weddings, but they do offer a lovely twist on the traditional table setting. They’re also perfect for casual, buffet-style, or outdoor wedding receptions.

kraft paper silverware pockets

kraft paper silverware bundles

Create pockets like Think Garnish (pictured left), or wrap your cutlery bundles like Liz Banfield (right).

8.  Menus

These Kraft paper menus double as a cute placemat:

kraft paper menu placemats


Square menus work just as well as circles – try using 12” x 12” Kraft paper.

You could also print separate menus on Kraft paper – check back in a couple of weeks for some of our favorite wedding Kraft paper printables!


Creating your own decorations is a simple way to cut down on the costs of your wedding. They may take a little time to put together, but DIY decorations add a charming personal touch to any event – especially when they’re made of Kraft paper.

Here are a few of our favorite decorations:

9.  Simple streamers

Whatever shape you choose, these streamers are easy to make and perfect for any wedding.

kraft paper streamers


Simply cut your shapes and affix string or ribbon! Try using different shades of Kraft paper:

10.  Kraft paper backdrop

This Kraft paper backdrop is super easy to make, and it can be totally customized to suit the theme of your event – try hand-lettering your names, your favorite poetry, quotations, or even draw pictures:

kraft paper backdrop


You could even supply a few markers and let your guests get creative – talk about a truly special backdrop for your wedding photos!

11.  Confetti

Who doesn’t love confetti, especially at a wedding? Create your own customized confetti in any shape you like and pop it into small plastic bags with a Kraft paper seal!

kraft paper confetti


These Kraft papers are perfect for the job:

12.  Paper flowers

These giant Kraft paper flowers by Lia Griffith are truly eye-catching. Create multiple arrangements and hang them throughout your wedding, or craft a fantastic backdrop for your wedding table!

jumbo kraft paper flowers lia griffith

Try using 18” x 12” Kraft paper. See how Lia made them and download the templates on her blog.

Get Krafty!

Kraft paper is anything but just rustic! Kraft paper adds an understated element of whimsy to any wedding, no matter how sophisticated. Its neutral tones suit any color scheme, and you can use it for anything from the smallest elements like your placecards to large backdrops for your wedding photos.

Check back in a few weeks to take a look at our favourite Kraft paper wedding invitations!

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