Flawless Finish, Endless Possibilities: Why Condat Papers Excel in Digital Printing

When it comes to fine paper craftsmanship, where every texture, hue, and finish tells a story, Condat papers by Lecta lead the pack when it comes to unparalleled quality and innovation.

Lecta, a renowned name in the paper industry, has consistently pushed the boundaries of excellence, and their Condat line of papers exemplify this commitment to perfection. A testament to Lecta’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the paper industry, their Condat line of papers was developed in close partnership with original equipment manufacturers and are carefully crafted with a singular focus on digital printing. From the meticulous selection of raw materials to cutting-edge manufacturing processes, every aspect of Condat papers reflects their dedication to creating an exceptional canvas for digital printing, creativity, and communication.

So what exactly makes Condat papers so special?

Let’s find out.

Designed for Digital Printing

There are three things to look for when selecting digital paper for printing (or any printing paper, for that matter):

  1. Formation
  2. Smoothness
  3. Brightness

Brighter, smoother substrates yield more consistent ink adhesion, cleaner colors, and higher print contrast. The quality of the substrate can also significantly enhance the perceived value of digitally printed documents.

As a leading brand of coated papers for digital printing, Condat is known for its high quality, ultra smooth finish, and excellent printability. With high bulk and stiffness, Condat papers are also recognized for their superior runnability, making them a superb choice for any small to medium-run digital printing project.

Key Characteristics And Specifications

Comparing Finishes: Silk vs Gloss Finish

Condat papers are available in both silk and glossy finishes. Not sure which is best for your project? Keep reading for a detailed look at both options.

Gloss finish

Gloss paper is very shiny, even when printed on. This makes it ideal for images you really want to pop, but it might not be the best for text heavy projects because the glare from the gloss can make it harder to read.

Condat’s gloss papers are coated with bases that reduce the degree of calendaring and maintain paper bulk. Their ultra-smooth finish means dots remain closer to the paper surface for high definition, ultra-vibrant, super-shiny printwork.

Use Condat gloss finish coated paper for:

Silk finish

Silk finish papers are similar to glossy paper, but with just a little less gloss. With a slightly more matte appearance, silk finish is an understated alternative to high gloss papers, with less glare and lower risk of fingerprint transfer.

Just like their glossy finish coated papers, Condat silk finish papers feature an ultra-smooth finish with excellent printability, and precise dot definition for both vibrant colors and lustrous whites. The surface provides image clarity and color vibrancy, but not as much as gloss, making it more readable and better for projects that will be handled often.

Use Condat silk finish coated paper for:

Spotlight: Condat Papers for HP Indigo

Similar to Blazer Digital, Titan and other digital print papers, Condat (also sold as Creator and Garda) offers an incredibly smooth, HP Indigo-certified digital printing surface that will give your project that extra pop.

While offset presses use heat, oxidization, or UV lamps to cure ink, digital presses like HP Indigo presses use plastic particles of ink that are transferred to the substrate with pressure. This means they don’t require curing, which are common processes with other digital printing technologies.

Substrates require the right surface chemistry to get optimal ink adhesion. Condat papers capture the color capabilities of your HP Indigo press with precise ink placement, while the pressure transfer of the ink means it gets closer to the surface of the paper.

When To Use Condat Papers

Wrapping Up

Condat papers by Lecta epitomize fine paper craftsmanship. Renowned for their unparalleled quality and innovation in the paper industry, Lecta’s unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of Condat paper production, from raw material selection to cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Tailored for digital printing, Condat papers offer ultra-smooth surfaces and superior runnability. Available in glossy and silk finishes and compatible with HP Indigo technology, Condat papers ensure precise ink placement and vibrant color reproduction. Versatile and ideal for short-run projects, Condat papers by Lecta emerge as a top-tier choice for those seeking exceptional quality and innovation in the world of fine paper.

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