Paper 101

How To Choose the Right Paper Size

Most people never think about paper size, but there are a few instances – like graphic design, scrapbooking, and even wedding planning – when the standard letter-sized sheet of paper just won’t cut it. Choosing the correct paper size is just as important as selecting an appropriate paper weight and

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Seven Fold Limit – Fact or Fiction?

Paper is not a very mysterious product. In fact, it’s paper’s straightforward tangibility that makes it such a ubiquitous part of practically everyone’s lives. Sure, modern technology has made it easier to connect and communicate without paper, but we still love receiving letters in the mail, and many institutions still

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10 Terms Every Print & Graphic Designer Should Know

Do you know the difference between a font and typeface? What about the difference between a raster and a vector? If you don’t, never fear. Every industry has its jargon, and graphic design is no exception. There’s even jargon within the jargon – a web designer operates according to an

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What is M Weight?

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it till we’re blue in the face: paper is more complicated than you might think. But as long as you know the lingo, choosing which paper to purchase is a snap and we are here to help! There’s a lot to consider

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Paper Tools: Basis Weight & Grammage Weight

When you shop for paper online at The Paper Mill Store, you’ll notice that we also list a weight in addition to the paper mill and paper size. The technical term for this weight is “basis weight”. There are many different types of paper, including cover paper, bond paper, and

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Why You Need A Paper Resume

Maybe you have a great resume that’s ready to send out instantly with the click of a mouse, or maybe you’ve submitted 100 resumes this week and haven’t received a single response. If so, perhaps it’s time to make the most of your resume by printing it on good quality paper.

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Know the Score…on Folding Paper

Folding paper can be the bane of both printers and designers. Nothing is more aggravating than seeing a beautiful design project brought to its knees by a lousy fold…cracking its way deep into the fleshy folds of your psyche…ouch. In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to share some simple and very useful information about the proper folding and scoring of paper, to help you successfully complete your projects as planned.

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Grain direction…the long and short of it.

Will you fold, score and bind your paper, or will you crush, break and warp your paper? That is the question. Proper folding, scoring and binding of paper are mostly a matter of understanding the major properties of paper fiber. One of the most important properties to understand about paper

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