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21 free printable valentines kids adults

21 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids & Adults

When the stores pack away their tinsel and replace their Christmas decorations with a profusion of pink, red and white, you know Valentine’s Day is coming.

Instead of spending money on the same old store-bought cards, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite free printables Valentine’s cards for kids and adults. Whether you’re making cards for your kids to take to school or want to surprise your special someone with a thoughtful missive, we’ve got you covered.

Valentine’s Cards for Kids

Print off these fun cards and send them along this Valentine’s Day for your kids to pass out to their friends at school.

1. Colorable Bookmarks

Your kids and their friends don’t have to worry about losing their place in a book again with these fun printable Valentine’s Day bookmarks.

printable valentines card colorable bookmark carla schauer

Download the printable files from Carla Schauer.

2. Star Wars

These cards are perfect for your little rebels! Tack on a sweet lightsaber and you’re good to go.

printable valentines card star wars idea room

Get the printables from the Idea Room.

3. Lego

These Lego printables are a fun way to build some Valentine’s excitement!

printable valentines card lego simply real moms

Download the printables from Simply Real Moms.

4. One in a Melon

Your kids can let their friends know just how special and unique they are with these fun colorful Valentines cards.

printable valentines card melon my frugal adventures

Get the printable files from My Frugal Adventures.

5. Emojis

This clever take on one of our favorite emojis is just perfect for Valentine’s Day.

printable valentines card emoji landeelu

Download the printables from Landeelu.

6. Pokemon

The Pokemon Go craze may have died down a bit, but one thing’s for sure – Pokemon are here to stay. Your kids’ friends will love these Valentine’s cards:

printable valentines card pokemon tattered inked

Get the printables from Tattered & Inked.

7. Dinosaurs

Who doesn’t love a good dinosaur pun? These dino-mite Valentine’s are spot on!

printable valentines card dinosaurs about a mom

Download the printable files from About A Mom.

8. Fun Fruit

These cute cards will make your kids’ friends and classmates go bananas!

printable valentines card fruit live laugh rowe

Get the printables from Live Laugh Rowe.

9. Bursting with Happiness

Give your kids a sweet treat with these fun Starburst Valentines:

printable valentines card starburst yellow bliss road

Download the printables from Yellow Bliss Road.

10. Superheroes

Your friends can show their friends how super they really are with these cute printables from the Dating Divas. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the download link.

printable valentines card superheroes dating divas

Download the printable files from the Dating Divas.

11. Tic Tac Toe

This classic game is a fun activity for your kids to share with their friends. Crayons optional!

printable valentines card tic tac toe craftivity designs

Get the printables from Craftivity Designs.

12. Coloring Cards

If Tic Tac Toe isn’t up your kids’ alley, these colorable cards are a cute alternative.

printable valentines card coloring card craftaholics anonymous

Download the printable files from Craftaholics Anonymous.

13. Valentine’s for Teachers

Don’t forget about your kids’ teachers! A small token of appreciation never goes unnoticed, especially around Valentine’s Day.

printable valentines card teachers my frugal adventures

Download these printable cards from My Frugal Adventures.

For Adults

These printable Valentine’s are more appropriate for adults, and they’re perfect for your sweetheart.

14. Fortune Cookies

Who needs a fancy dinner for Valentine’s Day? Stay in with your special someone and order takeout, then slip them one of these cute fortune cookie cards for dessert.

printable valentines card fortune cookies evermine

Get the printables and learn how to make your own on Evermine.

15. Gift tags

If you got your sweetheart a gift for Valentine’s Day, wrap it up with these free printable gift tags:

printable valentines card gift tags style curator

Get the printables from Style Curator.

16. Valentines for Coworkers

Who said Valentine’s Day cards are just for kids? Print off these fun work-friendly cards and surprise your coworkers!

printable valentines card coworkers staples

printable valentines card coworkers staples

printable valentines card coworkers staples

Download the printables here.

17. Star Wars for Adults

These hilarious Star Wars puns are perfect for older fans.

printable valentines card star wars dating divas

Get the files from the Dating Divas.

18. The Right Type

Font-lovers and design lovers will love these type-themed cards:

printable valentines card typography fonts dawn nicole designs

Download the printables from Dawn Nicole Designs.

19. Love You Deerly

We can’t resist a good pun! These minimalist Valentines cards really hit the mark.

printable valentines card love deerly landeelu

Download the files from Landeelu.


Envelopes are an easy way to step up your Valentine’s game if you’re giving a card or a gift to your loved ones. Here are two easy printable envelopes:

20. Mini Envelopes

These miniature printable envelopes are perfect for sending small sweet nothings.

printable valentines card mini envelope clementine creative

Get the printables from Clementine Creative.

21. Sweet Hearts

Spruce up a plain white envelope with this free printable design:

printable valentines card envelope greetings island

Download the printables from Greetings Island in whatever size you need. These white envelopes are perfect for the job:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with these easy printable cards for kids and adults.

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Steph is an avid crafter, DIY enthusiast, and regular contributor to The Paper who loves to handmake all of her cards. Above all else, Steph is a die-hard foodie with a massive sweet tooth and a deep, soul-consuming love for chocolate.