Valentine’s Day on a Dime: 10 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for 2024

Whether you’re five or fifty years old, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love. No matter who you’re celebrating—your significant other, your best friends, your kids (or their classmates)—the best way to spread love on Valentine’s Day cards is with a DIY card and a sincere message from the heart. Forget the store-bought cards—we’re talking about handcrafted gems that truly warm your soul.

Whether you’re a crafting pro or just need a little nudge in the creative direction, there’s no doubt that your loved ones will appreciate that you’ve taken a bit more time to show just how much you care.

To help get you into the Valentine’s Day spirit, we found 10 fun free printable Valentine’s cards you can color and craft with or send to your dearest. Whether you’re flying solo or looking for a family-friendly activity, these cards are the perfect way to sprinkle a little extra love into your celebration.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

1. Valentine, You Have the Write Stuff

Recreate the grade school magic of slipping candy hearts and cute cards into boxes taped to your desk by creating your own cards using these pencil toppers by BHG. These are a great option for school-age kids as well.

2. I <3 U

Cute cutouts and brightly colored paper make these sweet folding “I HEART U” cards from BHG a great option for kids to practice their fine motor skills while crafting a beautiful card.

3. Be Mine

Recapture some of that 2010s emo style with these black, pink, and white Valentine’s from Oleander and Palm.

Shop paper for this project:​

4. You’re a Star!

Let your loved ones know they’re stars in your eyes with these cute cards from It’s Always Autumn. Don’t forget to stock up on Starbursts before February 14!

5. You Color Me Happy!

Whether you color these in yourself or leave them blank for your valentine to decorate, these cute cards from ArtsyCraftsyMom are sure to fill their hearts.

6. Happy Heart Day

This simple, sweet coloring sheet from Hallmark is perfect for giving to people you don’t necessarily want to profess love to, but still want to celebrate on Valentine’s Day.

7. Candy Hearts

Is it really Valentine’s Day without candy hearts covered in sweet sugary missives? Share some of that classic Valentine’s sweetness with this printable coloring sheet from Make and Takes.

8. I Soda Think You’re Cute

The best way to tell someone you love them is, inarguably, with a cute pun. Let your special someone know you think they’re cute with these soda-lightful cards from BHG.

9. Whale You Be Mine?

Ask your valentine to be yours with another adorable play on words from BHG. Who doesn’t love whales?

10. Made With Love

Give a gift to yourself and the recipient of your Valentine—relax while you color in this intricate Valentine’s card from Crayola, then share your masterpiece with your loved ones.

Picking Your Paper

For printing off these printable Valentine’s cards, we recommend using white paper that’s easy to run through your printer. Here are some of our favorite coloring papers:

Add some classic Valentine’s Day colors (and a little extra weight) to your cards with these papers, cardstocks, and envelopes:

Wrapping Up

Valentine’s Day may be one of the more polarizing holidays, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show someone that you love and appreciate them. All you need is a printer, paper, and some coloring pens, pencils, or markers.

Don’t see the right card? Peruse for the perfect printable Valentine card here:

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