The Ultimate Guide to Card Stock: Everything You Need to Know About Card Stock + Free Printables

Not all paper is created equal. From ultra-thin onion skin paper to super heavy card stock and silky smooth sheets to tactile textures, designers, crafters, and wedding professionals can choose from a surfeit of weights, finishes, and colors to suit their creative projects.

Our latest blog series, the Ultimate Guide to Card Stock, explores the many aspects of cardstock, including weights, finishes, colors, and ideal uses for each stock. Now, you can take the Ultimate Guide to Card Stock with you wherever you go, whether you’re heading into the office, your craft room, or to that picky bride-to-be’s house to choose the perfect paper for her wedding invitations. Download our printable guides below:

Learn the difference between paper, card stock and cover stock and discover what sets these popular papers apart from other varieties.

Several different factors go into determining paper weight, including sheet size. In Part 2 of the Ultimate Guide to Card Stock, you’ll learn:

  • The different between basis weight, calipers and M weight.
  • How sheet sizes affect weight.
  • The most common sheet sizes and their ideal uses.
  • How to compare and select the right basis weight.
  • Popular card stock weights and how to use them.

Card stock is available in many finishes and colors. In Part 3 of the Ultimate Guide to Card Stock, you’ll discover:

  • What is paper finish.
  • The difference between coated and uncoated card stock.
  • The most common card stock finishes and their ideal uses.
  • Common color associations.
  • How to use color to create a strong impression.

Printing on cardstock requires special care and consideration. Part 4 of the Ultimate Guide to Card Stock includes:

  • Tips for printing on card stock at home.
  • Popular card stocks based on printer type.
  • The benefits of commercial printing.
  • Popular finishing services, such as scoring and hole punching.
  • When to apply professional finishing services.

Dive into the many ways you can use cardstock in graphic design, marketing, paper crafting, and for weddings. In Part 5, you’ll learn:

  • When to use paper vs. card stock.
  • The most popular card stock weights and ideal uses.
  • Popular sheet sizes and when to use them.
  • Common paper finishes and when to use them.
  • How to use card stock for crafting and graphic design.

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