Fall 2023 Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults Featuring Vibrant Autumn Colors

Autumn has arrived, and with it the annual transformation of lush green leaves to bright swaths of red, orange, and yellow. Color is everywhere!

Whether you embrace the annual metamorphosis or dread it as the first sign of the pending winter, the changing seasons can be a stressful time for both kids and adults. Kids are heading back to school, the holiday season is looming, and establishing new routines can be a challenge for both young and old.

With color exploding outdoors, why not bring some indoors as well? Coloring is a stress-relieving activity for both kids and adults, and with these free printable fall coloring pages for kids and adults, anyone can decompress and embrace the seasonal change.

Fall Coloring Pages for Kids

These autumn coloring pages are all great for kids of different ages. Plus (like every page we’re sharing today), they’re all downloadable and printable for free.

1. Cornucopia

Fall is harvest season—and pie season! (Is it ever not pie season?) This cornucopia fall coloring page for kids is perfect for celebrating a bountiful harvest.

Download this fall coloring sheet from Crayola.

2. Build Your Own Turkey

Color and create your own festive turkey with this free printable template.

Get the printable from Crayola.

3. Friendly Jack-O-Lanterns

With Halloween just around the corner, channel some spooky spirit with these friendly pumpkins.

This free printable coloring page is also brought to you by Crayola.

4. Happy Hedgehog

This happy hedgehog is ready to help your kiddos welcome fall.

Download this autumn coloring sheet from Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

5. Color-By-Numbers Pumpkin

Reveal a Halloween-ready pumpkin with this easy color-by-numbers fall coloring page for kids.

Download the printable from Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

6. Autumn Leaves

Harvest that outdoor autumn energy and bring it indoors with this easy leaf coloring page for kids.

Get the printable page for free from Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

7. Gnome Sweet Gnome

With pie and pumpkins at the ready, this gnome is embodying all the best parts of fall.

Download this fall coloring sheet from Prudent Pennypincher.

8. Squirrel Please

This cute squirrel is busy gathering up acorns for winter—and this fall printable coloring page will keep your kids busy too.

Get the printable from Prudent Pennypincher.

9. Apples Galore

Nothing says “fall” quite like apples and apple picking. If you can’t make it to an apple orchard this year, this coloring page is a decent (if less tasty) substitute.

Download the autumn coloring page from Prudent Pennypincher.

10. Thanksgiving Wreath

Cross two things off your list with one printable: an activity for your kids and Thanksgiving decorations for your home.

Download this Thanksgiving wreath coloring page from Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

Fall Coloring Sheets for Adults

If our fall coloring pages for kids are a bit too simple for the older kids or adults in your home, try these adult-friendly fall coloring sheets.

1. Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice

If a real PSL isn’t quite enough sugar and spice for you, this autumn printable coloring page for adults might just do the trick.

Download it from Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

2. Get Witchy

Summon your inner witch with this seasonal coloring page, featuring all your witchy Halloween faves.

Get the free fall coloring page from Crayola.

3. Trick or Treat

If you’re looking for a simpler fall coloring page for adults, this sweet sheet is the answer.

This fall coloring sheet is also brought to you by Crayola.

4. Pretty Pumpkin

This detailed pumpkin design is perfect for colorers who want to tackle something a bit more intricate.

Download the fall coloring sheet from Crayola.

5. My Favorite Color is Autumn

Whether you stick with traditional fall colors or embrace a more eclectic color palette, this free printable is perfect for when you need a quick break—just color one or two leaves at a time!—or for when you’re looking for a longer project.

Get the printable from Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

6. Woodland Owls

These woodland owls are just begging for some color. The repetitive pattern can be especially calming if you’re feeling stressed.

Download this autumn coloring sheet from Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

7. Simple Leaf

This single leaf features a number of patterns that provide ample opportunity to express your creativity.

Get this fall coloring page from Primary Games.

8. Acorns and Oak Leaves

This intricate pattern is perfect for those who are looking for a more elaborate page to complete and display.

Download the printable from Primary Games.

9. Preserving Fall

Whether or not you embrace the autumn tradition of canning and preserving your annual harvest, this fun printable page is a great way to embrace the flavors of fall—without all the hard work.

Get the printable from Primary Games.

10. Set The Scene

This autumn scene is the perfect blend of easy and detailed.

Download the printable from Primary Games.

The Perfect Paper for Your Fall Coloring Pages

If you’ve ever printed your own coloring pages at home, you know that regular printer paper just won’t cut it. You want something slightly heavier, but not so thick that it won’t feed through your printer. Bright white shades are also ideal so your colors come through. Here are 4 options to get you started:

Get Coloring!

With the perfect paper and our favorite fall printable coloring pages for kids and adults, you’re ready to start relaxing and enjoying the change of seasons.

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