Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week: Simple and Effective Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas for Every School Community

From ideas for administrators to homemade cards and practical gifts from parents, we’re sharing simple ways to express your gratitude to teachers and educators, emphasizing ongoing appreciation beyond  Teacher Appreciation Week.

The school year is reaching an end, and the annual rush to wrap up final assignments, cover last-minute subjects, and finish those dreaded report cards is looming.

But the end of term isn’t the only thing looming! As students and teachers buckle down for the last few weeks of term, it’s easy to overlook one of the important weeks of the school year—Teacher Appreciation Week.

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated every year during the first full week of May, with Teacher Appreciation Day on the Tuesday of that same week. In 2024, that’s May 6-10 (and Tuesday, May 7 for Teacher Appreciation Day).

This week gives students, parents, and school administrators a chance to show their thanks for all the hard work their teachers do throughout the school year. But unless you’re an administrator or part of the PTA or planning committee, many people forget about Teacher Appreciation Week till it arrives.

The Paper Mill Store is here to make sure you don’t forget—and that you have all the supplies you need to show your teachers just how much they mean to you.

Let’s jump in!

How To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

According to weareteachers.com, a community of over 3 million educators advocating for educator voices in classrooms around the country, the best way to show your appreciation is to advocate for what your teachers really want and need, both in and out of the classroom. But there are many things students, parents, and administrators can do beyond advocacy to show their support.

Many schools will host special events to honor their teaching staff, such as catered breakfasts or lunches. Students and parents also often give their teachers a small token to express their gratitude.

Here are some more Teacher Appreciation Week ideas:

For parents and students

For parents, it can be tempting to give your teacher a token like a mug, candle, or self-care products. While all gifts are appreciated, many teachers receive these items year after year. Gift cards are the real winning token of appreciation from parents, especially for stores where teachers can pick up school supplies—teachers often use their own money to purchase supplies for their students and classroom, and any little bit helps. (Plus, gift cards are easy to pick up at the last minute if you forgot Teacher Appreciation Day is coming up.)

Check out the National PTA’s website for more Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas.

For students, a handwritten card or note can go a long way, but getting kids and teens to actually sit down and write can feel as impossible as folding a sheet of paper in half eight times. We know you and your kids are busy, so to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of easy (and free) Teacher Appreciation Week card ideas:

Watch this video for more quick and easy teacher appreciation card ideas:

For administrators

Administrators can (and should) do as much as they can to show their teachers how much they are appreciated. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

Before Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Hang posters at doorways, in your main office, around the school, and anywhere parents congregate a few weeks in advance so students and parents (and other teachers!) know that Teacher Appreciation Week is coming.
  • Publicize Teacher Appreciation Week across all of your channels, including social media and email.
  • Create your social posts in a flash with these templates by the National PTA.
  • Involve your PTA in planning and facilitating Teacher Appreciation Week events.
  • Rustle up a team of students to help plan and facilitate teacher appreciation activities.
  • Deliver personalized printed invitations to each teachers’ mailbox a week before Teacher Appreciation Week. Posters are a great way to spread the word, but a personalized invitation can make the week feel just a little more special.
  • Include certificates of appreciation with each invitation. Save yourself some time using these printables by the National PTA. You’ll find versions for principals, PTA members, and PTSA members.
During Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Bring in a coffee cart so teachers can score that much-needed caffeine hit.
  • Cater a breakfast or lunch (and make sure your teachers have time to actually enjoy it)
  • Create a theme of the week to make Teacher Appreciation Week just a little more memorable.
  • Decorate hallways with thematically appropriate decor, and create themed door posters for each teacher’s door.
  • Bring in a massage therapist or massage chair so teachers can relax a bit when they have a spare moment
  • Write a brief personalized note of thanks to each teacher and slip it into their mailbox at the start of Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Compile a list of local businesses that are offering deals and discounts to teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week, and distribute the list to teachers.

When you’re planning Teacher Appreciation Week activities for your staff, it’s important to consider whether you’re actually helping your teachers out. Teachers are busy (we know you know), so try not to plan activities that will eat up more of their limited time. Instead, look for ways you can give your teachers back some of their time.

For example, you could ask parents, administrators, and school board members to volunteer their time to cover recess or lunch duty so teachers can get a much-needed break (and actually enjoy that lunch you had catered). Parent volunteers can also handle tasks like making copies, assembling supplies for a project, or organizing classroom bookshelves.

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Honoring Our Educators

As the school year draws to a close and the frenzy of final assignments and report cards in full swing, it’s easy for Teacher Appreciation Week to slip our minds. But it’s precisely during these hectic times that our teachers deserve recognition the most.

This annual celebration, observed during the first full week of May, offers a golden opportunity for students, parents, and administrators alike to express gratitude for the tireless dedication of our educators.

There are countless ways to show our gratitude to teachers. For parents and students, a heartfelt handwritten note and a practical token of appreciation like a gift card can easily brighten any teacher’s day. For administrators, the responsibility lies in creating an environment where teachers feel valued and supported—not just during Teacher Appreciation Week but throughout the year. Whether it’s organizing special events, providing much-needed supplies, or simply taking the time to say “thank you,” every effort counts.

At The Paper Mill Store, we’re committed to ensuring that Teacher Appreciation Week doesn’t go unnoticed. We understand the importance of acknowledging the hard work and commitment of our teachers, and we’re here to provide the resources needed to make their week truly special.

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