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16 back to school printables

16 Fun Back to School Printables

It may seem like summer vacation just began, but back to school is right around the corner! Your kids may dread the annual return to their normal school-year routine, but for parents, back to school can be one of the most joyous times of year.

Send your kids back to school with a smile with these fun printables:

1.  Back to school countdown banner

Get your kids excited to head back to class with this daily countdown banner!

back to school countdown banner the idea room

Image Source: The Idea Room

Download the printables from the Idea Room.

Try using these papers:

2.  Back to school checklist

Do you have everything you need for the first day of school? Make sure you and your kids are prepared for class with this checklist:

back to school checklist yellow bliss road

Image Source: Yellow Bliss Road

Get the checklist from Yellow Bliss Road.

3.  I Spy

This back to school I Spy game is perfect for younger students.

back to school i spy pleasantest thing

Image Source: The Pleasantest Thing

Get the printable game from the Pleasantest Thing.

4.  First day of school photo signs

Capture your back to school memories with these printable first day photo signs! The set includes first day signs for every grade, from pre-school to the twelfth grade.

back to school first day sign mrs jones creation station

Image Source: Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station

Download the printables from Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station.

5.  Photo checklist

Don’t miss any important back to school photo ops! Snap them all with this handy checklist:

back to school photo checklist fab n free

Image Source: Fab N’ Free

Download the checklist from Fab N’ Free.

6.  Photo booth props

Add some pizazz to your back to school photo shoot with these fun props:

back to school photo booth props kristen duke

Image Source: Kristen Duke

Create your own back to school photo props with these printables by Kristen Duke.

7.  Backpack tag

This fun tag is great for helping new students find their own backpack amongst a sea of similar bags.

back to school backpack tag lolly jane

Image Source: Lolly Jane

Create the tags using Lolly Jane’s printables.

8.  Morning routine cards

Getting back into the swing of your school day routine can be a challenge after the lazy days of summer! Stay on track with these printable morning routine cards:

back to school morning routine cards three little monkeys studio

Image Source: Three Little Monkeys Studio

This white card stock is perfect for making sturdy cards. Get the printables from Three Little Monkeys Studio.

9.  After school routine checklist

Your kids’ after school routine is just as important as their morning routine. Help your kids get back on track with this printable checklist:

back to school after school routine checklist smashed peas and carrots

Image Source: Smashed Peas and Carrots

Download the printables from Smashed Peas and Carrots.

10.  Night time checklist

Make sure your school nights are smooth and that you and your kids get to bed on time with this night time checklist:

back to school night checklist 36th avenue

Image Source: 36th Avenue

Get the checklist from the 36th Avenue.

11.  Binder planner

Keep your kids organized all year long with these handy binder planning sheets:

back to school binder planner just a girl and her blog

Image Source: Abby Lawson

Download the printables from Abby Lawson.

12.  Lunch box note cards

Surprise your kids with a fun note from home! Print off one of these lunch box note cards and slide it in with their sandwich on their first day:

back to school lunch note cards todays creative life

Image Source: Today’s Creative Life

Download the printables from Today’s Creative Life.

13.  Lunch box note cards 2.0

These simple lunch box note cards are a little simpler, but they’re just as much fun!

back to school printable cards reasons to skip housework

Image Source: Reasons To Skip the Housework

Create your own note cards with these downloadable printables from Reasons To Skip the Housework.

14.  “You rule!” treats package

Let your kids know how much they rule by slipping a tasty treat into your kid’s lunch along with this fun printable:

back to school you rule card thirty handmade days

Image Source: Thirty Handmade Days

Download the printables from Thirty Handmade Days.

16.  Colorable binder covers

Older students can customize their binders with these fun printable colorable binder covers:

back to school colorable binder covers how does she

Image Source: How Does She

Discover which papers are ideal for coloring. Get the printables from How Does She.

17.  Cootie catcher

Who doesn’t remember playing with a cootie catcher when they were in school? Keep the smiles coming with this fun printable catcher:

back to school cootie catcher kiki company

Image Source: Kiki & Company

Download the printables from Kiki & Company.

School is in!

Back to school is always an exciting time of year! Help get your kids in the mood to head back to class with our favorite back to school printables, and keep the fun going all year long with 7 back to school paper crafts.

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