The Pursuit of Hoppiness: 12 Easter Bunny Paper Crafts to Celebrate Spring

As we hop, hop, hop into spring, and chocolate hearts and bouquets of roses are replaced by chocolate bunnies and clusters of tulips, Easter joyfully makes its annual appearance on the horizon.

From painting eggs to scouring the house for hidden chocolate treats, Easter is full of festive customs. But no celebration would be complete without the season’s favorite mascot—the Easter bunny.

Whether you’re looking for paper easter bunny crafts to keep your kids busy or you’re dipping your toes into the creative waters for some quiet relaxation, we’ve collected 12 delightfully versatile and endlessly charming Easter bunny paper crafts to infuse your home with the enchantment of spring. From adorable hopping bunnies to playful decorations, these paper easter bunnies will help you transform simple sheets of paper into charming easter-inspired masterpieces.

Let’s hop into the spirit of Easter to life!

1. Bouncing Bunny

This bouncing paper easter bunny is a fun and interactive craft for kids. With just a few folds, they’ll have their very own hip-hoppity bunny to play with.

2. Pinwheel Bunny

These pinwheel paper Easter bunny crafts make great wall decor and are easy enough for kids of any age to make or decorate.

3. Cone Paper Easter Bunnies

These cone bunnies are a great way to use up colorful paper scraps. Attach some string to make a hat and you’ll soon have your very own Easter bunnies hopping around the house.

4. Accordion Bunnies

Host your very own Easter bunny dance party with these super simple paper Easter bunny crafts.

5. Bobblehead Bunnies

Did you know a group of bunnies is called a fluffle? Make your very own fluffle of bobbly head bunnies in classic easter colors, or add some sparkle using metallic paper.

6. Paper Ball Bunny

These paper ball bunnies are another great way to use up old paper scraps. We recommend using cardstock over paper for some extra structure. Follow this tutorial for a slightly easier variation.

Never lose your place again with these adorable bunny bookmark corners. We suggest a slightly lighter paper so you can get crisp folds.

8. Bunny Bunting

Craft your own festive garland with only cardstock, string, and cotton balls. For this bunting, we suggest using a heavier cardstock so your bunnies don’t curl up.

9. Bunny Egg Baskets

Save your toilet paper and paper towel rolls for these adorable egg baskets. They’re the perfect size for a Cadbury Creme Egg or a couple of small chocolates.

10. Handprint Bunnies

These handprint bunnies by One Little Project are so easy to make, kids of any age can make them. To make them easier to cut, we recommend using a thicker paper (not a cardstock).

11. Hoppy Easter Cards

These pop-up bunny notecards by Kids Craft Room are perfect for mailing to far-flung family and friends. You can make them even easier to make using pre-cut and folded notecards.

12. Yarn-Wrapped Bunny Cards

Got leftover cardstock with bunny cutouts from all your other Easter bunny paper crafts? Use the leftovers to create this yarn-wrapped cut-out bunny card by Kids Craft Room. Add a fluffy cotton ball for some extra cute flair.

Hop To It!

As the Easter bunny leaves behind a trail of chocolatey cheer, we invite you to hop into the spirit of Easter, armed with scissors, paper, and boundless creativity. From charming hopping paper easter bunnies to playful decorations, these Easter bunny paper crafts will add some festive springtime cheer to your seasonal celebrations.

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