Preserving Precious Memories: The Art of Pocket Page Scrapbooking

Pocket pages are a great alternative to traditional scrapbooking! You can be as creative as you would be with a regular scrapbook, but you have more freedom to choose your own binding, page order, and scrapbook theme. Pocket pages are a versatile and inventive way to display your memories as part of a traditional photo album or as their own unique arrangement. The Paper Blog is excited to showcase some beautiful pocket pages, along with a tutorial from Ashley Newell!



  1. Choose the photos you’d like to share, as well as some quotations or journaling to accompany your memories.
  1. Cut your background cardstock to the same size as the pocket you are trying to fill. If your empty page has two slots for 5” x 7” photos, cut your cardstock to 5” x 7”. You can buy photo album refill pages in several arrangements, so the only limit to your design is your creativity.
  1. Print journaling text on white cardstock.
  2. Arrange your journaling text, photos, die cuts, and embellishments onto your background cardstock. You can create a cohesive theme that ties together each pocket or page, or you can get creative and pair each photo with its own unique theme.
  1. Affix your photos and journaling into small arrangement pieces using glue or a mini stapler. These small arrangement pieces will be slid into your pocket pages.
  1. Insert your pocket page sections into the photo album page and add the pocket page to your album to share with your family and friends!
Ashley suggests creating unique journaling by grouping your journaling text strips over different colors of cardstock. Cutting your journaling into smaller pieces adds an interesting visual element to your page while allowing the bright colors or patterns of your background cardstock to shine through. It’s also a great way to make short quotations and paragraphs occupy more space on the page or fill in any awkward empty spaces.

Pocket pages make a colorful addition to any photo album, or they can be used to completely transform your old photo albums into beautiful works of art. The sky is the limit when it comes to displaying your memories, from baby photos to last weekend’s road trip!

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