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Showcase: Mayumi Origami Jewelry

Showcase: Mayumi Origami Jewelry

Our Summer Showcase Contest revealed many talented paper crafters and creatives including Renata Mayumi’s Origami Jewelry. She proves  that paper is perfect for more than the traditional design and crafting. Each innovative accessory is handmade and one of a kind to showcase Renata’s unique flair for modern style!

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Renata hasn’t always been an origami fashionista – for the last nine years, she has worked in Portugal’s film and television industry as a direction assistant. As a completely self-taught origami artist, Renata opened Mayumi Origami in 2012 after her origami hobby led her to watch many tutorials and practice hundreds of designs.

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Initially, Renata was interested in the challenge of adapting origami structures to jewelry and home décor accessories in an original way. Now, trying to find the perfect paper has become an exciting aspect of her art. Combining fashion trends with the exact height, texture, and pattern of a particular paper is a challenging mission.

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Renata’s favorite thing about working with paper is its flexibility, delicacy, and uniqueness. All of her pieces are coated with a lacquer finish so they are water resistant. Her favorite papers are handmade papers from India and Nepal because of their Oriental gold touches and organic patterns.

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She will never give up looking for new shapes and origami jewelry designs. For Renata, there is nothing more pleasant than a smiling customer thanking her for having the patience to fold, and fold, and then fold some more! And for us at The Paper Mill Store, there is nothing more pleasant than bringing a smile to someone’s face through the versatility of paper.

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Renata has shown us that origami can be cool and modern, and that there is a whole universe of three-dimensional designs to explore. Her unique jewelry and home décor accessories are for everyone, not just those who love contemporary origami. We love how Renata is introducing everyone to origami by taking paper out the printer or craft room and into your jewelry box!

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If you enjoy origami yourself and wish to try to make your own creations, she recommends Stardream Metallics for their shimmering colors!





Renata Mayumi, Handmade Origami Jewlry

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