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showcase halloween snail mail printable translucent envelopes

Showcase: Halloween Snail Mail Printable with Vellum Envelopes

Halloween is just around the corner! Are you planning a Halloween party?

If you’ve left your invitations a bit late or you want to present your friendly hosts with a handmade thank-you card, translucent envelopes are a unique twist on an old classic.

Halloween Snail Mail Printable

Check out The Paper Mill Store’s translucent envelopes in action over on Paper and Stitch!

Translucent envelopes give your card recipients a sneak peek at what’s inside and adds some oomph to an otherwise overlooked aspect of card-making – the envelope!

Add a bit of extra spooky flair to your Halloween greeting cards or party invitations this season – here are some of our favorite translucent envelopes for Halloween:


Glama Natural Clear Envelopes


Glama Natural Kiwi Envelopes


Glama Natural Orange Envelopes


Glama Natural Violet Envelopes


Glama Natural Turquoise Envelopes


Glama Natural Blush Envelopes

Trick or Treat?

Whether you’re sending invitations, delivering a thank you card, or even just surprising your friends and family with a fun Halloween greeting card, a translucent envelope is a unique way to package your missive! Don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous when it comes to color – take a look at our full selection of translucent envelopes. They come in even more colors that we’ve listed here, as well as in any size you might need!

Steph Schinkel

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