How To Make A Paper Flower Bouquet for Mother’s Day: 7 Paper Flower Templates to Try

Mother’s Day is drawing near, and that means it’s time to pick up (or craft!) a gift for your mom. There’s always the classic go-to of flowers, but real flowers? In this economy?

Nothing says I love you, mom, like taking the time to hand make a gift. So instead of spending an obscene amount of money on the same bouquet of long-stemmed roses you get mom every year, why not craft bespoke paper flowers for Mother’s day that will last longer than a couple of days.

Not a crafter? Don’t worry—we’re here to show you how to make a paper flower bouquet for Mother’s Day. In this post, we’ll share some of the best paper flower templates and mother’s day paper flower DIYs for kids and adult children to make this May.

Let’s get crafting.

Paper Flowers for Mother’s Day for Kids to DIY

If you’re helping smaller children create gifts for their mom(s), these paper flower templates and DIYs are for you:

1. Large Paper Flowers

These large paper flowers for Mothers’s Day from The Spruce are dramatic and easy to make, especially for little hands. Make sure an adult handles the glue gun, though.

2. Paper Ranunculus Flowers

Build a bouquet of beautiful ranunculus flowers using this tutorial from Purely Katie. A variety of different cardstock colors will help add visual interest and depth to your paper flower bouquet.

3. Paper Hyacinths

Hyacinths herald the spring each year, and are a much beloved choice for Mother’s Day. Share these happy flowers with your mom by crafting a pretty paper version with this paper flower template by One Little Project.

Mother’s Day Paper Flowers for Adults to Make

Are you an adult child interested in making a gift for your mom? You don’t have to be a kid to give your mom a token of love on Mother’s Day! (After all, you’ll “always be her baby”, right?) These slightly more detailed paper flower templates and tutorials are perfect for more dexterous crafters:

4. Paper Sunflowers

Bring your mom some unwilting sunshine in the form of paper sunflowers. Check out this tutorial from Nichol Spohr LLC.

5. Paper Tulips

Tulips are another traditional spring bloom, and are a popular Mother’s Day flower. If origami is more your speed than cutting and crafting, try this simple paper flower template for paper tulips from The Spruce.

6. Paper Roses

Roses are a Mother’s Day classic for a reason. Save yourself a bit of cash by recreating roses out of paper using this tutorial from It’s Always Autumn.

7. Paper Amaryllis

Amaryllis are a large and showy flower that may be commonly associated with winter holidays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give the gift of this beautiful bulb for Mother’s Day! Create your own paper amaryllis with this tutorial from The House That Lars Built.

Wrapping Up

Your mom works hard and deserves flowers that will last forever (or at least until the next recycling day). Show her you care by taking the time to hand craft some incredible paper posies for her.

Are flowers not really your mom’s thing? Try these other quick and easy paper crafts:

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