Mill Showcase: COLORMATES Papers Deliver Creative Freedom & Precision Prints

Designed for commercial and in-plant printers, converters, and brand marketers and designers, COLORMATES papers are not just about printing—they’re about creating an unforgettable experience.

With a spectrum of rich, color-saturated printing, converting, and packaging papers, COLORMATES redefines the way your printed designs make a memorable impression. “Print market dynamics have created new demand for rich, color-saturated printing, converting, and packaging papers,” says John Kelly, President of CTI Paper USA. “Growing numbers of print buyers and creatives today want a vibrant color canvas that stands out — and stands apart.”

COLORMATES papers offer a superior canvas that brings your campaigns and creations to life. They are designed to captivate, leaving an indelible mark on your audience. With 20 unique shades to choose from, excellent on-press stability, and print fidelity at high speeds, COLORMATES papers are the go-to choice for any premium print campaign that demands attention.

Let’s explore why printing, packaging, and converting professionals love COLORMATES papers.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

Offering a palette of 20 colors curated from the entire spectrum, from the deep allure of tomato red to the crisp brilliance of glacier blue, COLORMATES’ collection encompasses both bright, attention-grabbing shades and timeless, classic neutrals. Described as “high bright favorites and fashion-forward colors,” these hues are designed to resonate with the dynamic preferences of – commercial and in-plant printers, converters, and brand marketers/designers alike.


Exceptional On-Press Stability

Printers who have experienced COLORMATES paper attest to its exceptional on-press stability and print fidelity, even at high speeds. It not only meets the demands of the fast-paced printing environment but surpasses expectations, ensuring that your vision is translated onto paper with precision and clarity.

Tailored for those seeking to make a lasting impression, COLORMATES paper is also compatible with myriad printing and finishing techniques. Whether you are into foil stamping, embossing, creasing, die cutting, folding, gluing, lamination, saddle-stitching, or other bindery applications, COLORMATES paper seamlessly integrates into your creative process.

COLORMATES vs. Colormates Smooth & Silky

If you’re shopping for COLORMATES papers, you’ll almost certainly run across Colormates Smooth & Silky. These two lines of paper may share a name, but for professional printing applications, that’s where the similarities end.

Colormates Smooth & Silky are crafting papers that are available only in cut sizes : 8 ½” x 11” and 12” x 12”. COLORMATES papers, on the other hand, are professional grade printing papers that are also available in folio, digital, and cut sizes.

PAPER PRO TIP: Folio sizes offer commercial and in-plant printers, converters, and brand marketers/designers a number of advantages over cut sizes, including cost savings, reduced waste, and more versatility.

Key Characteristics and Specifications

When To Use COLORMATES Papers?

Explore COLORMATES's Vivid Hues

From classic neutrals to bold primaries and luxe jewel tones, each COLORMATES paper offers a spectrum of unique shades that are perfect for bringing your creative visions to life. Dive into the world of endless hues and let your imagination unfold with the rich diversity offered by our paper collection.

Wrapping Up

COLORMATES papers stand at the forefront of the evolving print market, perfectly aligning with the growing demand for vibrant, stand-out materials. These papers are more than just a medium for printing—with their rich, color-saturated quality, remarkable stability, and high-speed print fidelity, COLORMATES papers ensure that every campaign not only captures attention but also leaves a lasting impression. 

Whether you’re in commercial printing, design, retail, or brand marketing, COLORMATES papers are the definitive choice for making your message resonate powerfully in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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