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Letterpress Christmas Cards

The “Merry and Bright” message of this Christmas card is expressed well through the design with festive fonts and playful decoration. All the elements come together for a joyful look that encourages you to make the most of your holiday celebrations. The crimson and silver letterpress inks give the card a classy look that is finished off perfectly with a hand-lettered address to each recipient on the envelope. The back of this holiday card features highlights from the company’s year as well as a few personal highlights which provides an intimate feel you usually only get from your uncle who lives halfway across the country.

Merry and Bright Set

Design: Fizz Creative, Cleveland, OH

Paper: French Muscletone 140 lb pure white

Printing: Cranky Pressman Salem, OH

Merry and Bright Back

Letterpress Card

Holiday Card Detail

Letterpress Holiday Card

Daniel Halloran

Daniel Halloran is the Graphics & Marketing Manager for The Paper Mill Store and a main contributor to The Paper. Working in the graphic design and printing industries for the past nine years, Daniel has gained an eye for quality design and enthusiasm for the latest industry information.