The Finishing Touches: Paper Services

The process of turning a blank sheet of paper into a fabulous paper craft or eye-catching design project can feel like a marathon. In addition to the intricacies of the design and crafting process, there are a number of other ways you may have to finish or process your paper before your project can be completed – and not all of these finishing activities are easy to complete on your own. The Paper Mill Store offers a number of paper finishing services, including cutting, perforating, scoring, and drilling, to help you get your project past the finish line.

Paper Cutting

Put away the ruler, pencil, and scissors (or paper slicer, if you’re lucky)! If your sheet is too big, get it cut down to size before it arrives at your door.

Who Should Consider Paper Cutting?

If your project requires smaller sheets or cards, consider getting your paper cut down to size. Paper cutting is especially common for:

  • Brochures and flyers
  • Homemade cards and invitations. Flat cards are very trendy right now, and cutting a flat sheet of paper down to the proper size is an easy way to achieve a fashionable look without breaking the bank on expensive stationery.

Getting paper in the perfect size is easy with our online paper cutter – simply input your cutting preferences and away you go!

Check out our favorite papers for custom paper cutting.

Paper Perforating

If you’ve ever accidentally torn the stub off a concert ticket, you’ve fallen victim to perforated paper.

Perforating involves punching very small holes into a sheet of paper in order to make your sheet easier to fold or tear, so you can forget about ragged edges or worrying about cutting perfectly straight!

Who Should Consider Paper Perforating?

Consider adding custom perforation any time you intend to fold or tear a single sheet into smaller pieces. Perforation is commonly used for:

Choose one of our standard perforation settings, or create custom perforation for your individual project. The Paper Mill Store offers a wide range of custom perforation options – you can even perforate a sheet of paper into 1.2 inch squares.

See more of our custom perforation options.

Paper Scoring

Paper scoring is similar to perforating, but scoring doesn’t produce holes in the paper. Instead, scoring pre-creases the paper in order to make folding easier.

Who Should Consider Paper Scoring?

Any time you’re working on a craft or design project that requires folding, consider purchasing pre-scored paper. Scoring is especially important for:

You can fold your sheet of paper without scoring, but scoring helps prevent good quality cardstock from cracking. Folding along a scored edge allows you to achieve a nice, clean, crisp fold, so even your DIY wedding invitations will look professionally prepared. Simply set up your scores using our easy online tool, and perfectly scored paper will be delivered right to your door.

Check out our custom scoring options.

Paper Drilling

Drilling creates crisp, clean, circular holes that are suitable for a variety of binding uses.

Who Should Consider Paper Drilling?

If your project will be bound, consider paper drilling. Paper drilling is popularly used for:

  • Large quantities of paper
  • Any project that requires binding
  • Calendars and anything that will hang from a wall, including notepads, operating instructions, and manuals

Manually punching holes into your sheets using a hole punch could take hours, but with The Paper Mill Store, you can receive paper that’s ready for binding just days after you order – no extra work required! The Paper Mill Store can drill holes horizontally or vertically in diameters ranging from 1/8 inch to 5/16 of an inch. Learn more about our custom paper drilling options.

How Do I Select Custom Paper Services?

Simply choose your paper or cardstock and add the service or services you need using our easy online design and pricing tool! You can even save designs for your next order or combine paper services. If you aren’t sure which paper is best suited for your project or service, we have a variety of pre-selected recommended papers that are ideal for each service.

Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming prep! No matter what project you’re working on, from the most complicated graphic design project to homemade cards or DIY wedding invitations, our paper or cardstock can be ready for you to use right away.

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