Envelope Sizes Chart: Common Envelope Sizes in Inches, Centimeters, and Pixels

Peruse our envelope size charts to see envelope size in inches, centimetres, and pixels for the most common envelope styles, including business or commercial envelopes, announcement envelopes, baronial envelopes, and more. 

Envelopes come in many sizes—at The Paper Mill Store, we sell more than 50 unique envelope sizes!

From announcement to remittance envelopes, there are a number of envelope styles with unique naming conventions—and each style comes in a variety of sizes. It can be hard to keep track of what envelope is which size, so we’ve created a comprehensive envelope sizes chart that outlines all the different envelope sizes you could possibly need, including:

  • Announcement envelope sizes
  • Business or commercial envelopes
  • Baronial envelopes
  • Catalog envelopes
  • Square envelopes
  • Coin envelopes
  • Booklet envelopes
  • Remittance envelopes

We’ve included envelope size in inches, envelope sizes in centimeters, and even envelope size in pixels for seamless printing.

Sometimes these sizes have specific uses, but in most cases, you can disregard the “official use” and use any size envelope that happens to fit whatever you’re enveloping. The only time envelope size really matters is if you want to mail your envelopes. In this case, there are some rules that must be followed, such as:

  • Size minimums and maximums—the smallest envelope you can post measures 3.5” x 5”, and largest measures 6.125” x 11.5”
  • Additional postage requirements—some sizes will require additional postage, including all square envelopes (regardless of size), or any envelope that has an aspect ratio (length divided by height) of less than 1.3” or more than 2.5” (according to the USPS)

If you’re not planning to send your envelopes through the postal system, you can use any size that will work. (Most sizes can also be mailed, so as long as you don’t exceed the size minimum or maximum dimensions.)

If you need help choosing the right size, check out our detailed envelope size guide.

Let’s get to the chart!

Envelope Sizes Chart

Use our size chart to select the perfectly sized envelope for your purposes, whether you’re mailing letters or other correspondence, storing important paperwork for your home or business, or restocking your professional print shop.

With envelope sizes in inches, centimeters, and pixels, our envelope size chart will help you find the right envelope for any purpose, as well as and correctly sizing the items that will go inside of them.

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Announcement Envelopes

Business or Commercial Envelopes

Baronial Envelopes

Catalog Envelopes

Square Envelopes

Coin Envelopes

Booklet Envelopes

Remittance Envelopes

Final Thoughts

From announcement to square envelopes and tiny coin to larger remittance envelopes, remembering envelope sizes and converting them to different measurements can be a challenge. Now, all you need is our envelope size chart, completely with measurement conversions, including pixels for digital printers.

Learn more about envelope sizing and choosing the right envelope for your purposes:

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