Countdown to Midnight: Easy DIY Decorations for Your New Year’s Eve Bash

Did you know that the new year was first celebrated on January 1st in Rome in 153 BCE? And that some countries didn’t adopt January 1st as New Year’s Day till the 1700s?

New Year’s Eve is a great time to let your hair down and detox (or retox, if that’s your preference) from the busy holiday season. Trade in your “ugly Christmas sweater” for your little black dress, swap eggnog for champagne, and you’re well on your way to having a great NYE.

Thankfully, decorating for your New Year’s Eve party doesn’t have to be laborious. You can make a lot of great decorations and party accessories using simple materials you already have around the house. Here are some of our suggestions:

Glittery Baubles

These baubles are super easy to make. Try making a bunch in a variety of sizes and hanging them over your snack table or using them as a photo back drop. Or make one big one and hang it from your ceiling – instant disco ball!

Photos by CleverlyInspired.

Find out how to make your own glittery baubles with this tutorial. Try it with these papers:

Party In Style

Skip washing glitter out of your hair on January 1st – instead of using those glittery store-bought hats that are prone to shedding their sparkles, try making your own party hats using glittery or metallic paper!

If you want to make your own glittery paper hat, check out this full party hat tutorial to get started.

Just make a cone with out of metallic paper and embellish it with tinsel or ribbon! We suggest using these papers:

Clever Countdown

The midnight countdown is the centerpiece of any NYE party. Get your guests in the mood with creative countdown-inspired décor, such as these easy printable clock cupcake toppers. 

All you need is white and gold cardstock, a couple of toothpicks, and cupcakes (of course!). 

Get the printables

Shop cardstock for this project:

Easy Streamers

These super easy streamers are the perfect decoration for anywhere in your home, from over your drinks table to that awkward empty space by the stairs.

All you have to do is cut out circles in your cardstock(s) of choice, clip them together, and display!

Fortune Cookie Party Favors

Send your guests home in the new year with cute and quirky fortune cookie party favors! Try filling them with friendly well-wishes for a great 2015.

Find out how to make your own DIY paper fortune cookies on Unsophisticook.

Party On!

New Year’s Eve is one of the funnest (excuse my grammar) nights of the year. With a few simple decorations, your NYE party can help ring in the new year in style.

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