Red, White, and Glue: DIY 4th of July Crafts & Paper Decorations

Create budget-friendly and festive 4th of July paper decorations with simple DIY crafts. These easy 4th of July decorations are perfect for involving the whole family and adding a personal touch to your holiday decor.

Decorating your home for every holiday and event that pops up can be a challenge, especially in this economy. But what if you could create easy 4th of July decorations with just a few sheets of paper and some crafting supplies you already have around the house?

Whether you are looking to keep your kids occupied or enjoy some quiet crafting time to yourself, we’ve got you covered with simple, quick, and budget-friendly DIY 4th of July decorations made using just paper. With our 4th of July paper decorations, you can spice up your festive decor and add a fresh, creative touch each year—without breaking the bank.

From backyard BBQs to elegant parties, let’s dive into some DIY 4th of July crafts that are perfect for all ages and skill levels. These six DIY 4th of July decorations are versatile enough to add a touch of sparkle to any Independence Day events you host, or to simply add some patriotic cheer to your normal day.

1. Simple Placemat

Looking for some understated 4th of July paper decorations that are still on theme? Spend some time meditating on the paper strips with this simple-yet-effective 4th of July woven placemat by The House That Lars Built. It’s a great way to use up your leftover red, white, and blue paper scraps.

2. Firework Centerpiece

Easy to make, this simple DIY paper fireworks centerpiece by Design Improvised adds a pop (and bang) of color to any table. Like the placemat we shared above, it’s also a fantastic use of paper scraps (especially smaller scraps that aren’t large enough to make a placemat).

3. Stars and Stripes Crown

This paper crown is cute to wear, fun to make, and you can add as many stars as you want. There are no downsides to this DIY 4th of July craft for kids by Awesomely Crafty. And there’s no rule saying you have to be a kid to wear it! For a little added sparkle, try using metallic cardstock.

4. Star Wreath

Decorations start at the front door! Get busy crafting this cute 4th of July star wreath by The House That Lars Built. They create their own gradient pieces, but if you’d rather simplify the process, you can just use solid-colored cardstock. Keep the accordion star motif going by creating small clusters and using them as centerpieces for your table.

5. Red, Wreath, and Blue

Simple stars not a bold enough statement for you? Try this second July 4th paper wreath option by CraftISH Corner, featuring Astrobrights cardstock. This variation is a bit simpler than the star wreath, so it’s a great option kids or for older crafters with limited time.

6. Firecracker Garland

Illuminate your Fourth of July with paper firecracker garland! Learn how to capture the magic of firecrackers using paper and creativity with this Firework Banner DIY by Paper Source.

Wrapping Up Your DIY Fourth of July Decorations

With just a few sheets of paper and a bit of creativity, you can transform your home into a festive Fourth of July celebration. These easy DIY 4th of July decorations are budget-friendly and a fun way to involve the whole family in holiday preparations.

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