6 DIY Crafts & Gifts to WOW Dad this Father’s Day

Mother’s Day is behind us, and now it’s Dad’s turn to shine! Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, and whether you’re planning a simple thank-you or an elaborate day-long celebration, a homemade card or gift goes a long way to showing Dad how much you appreciate him.

To help you find a fun and easy way to celebrate Father’s Day, we reached out to craft bloggers and asked them to share their favorite DIY cards and gifts for Dad. Check them out:

1. Give Dad a sign

These American sign language cards by Delia Creates are the perfect last-minute card. The graphic font and minimalist design make these cards an eye-catching alternative to store-bought greetings, and all you have to do is print!

Delia likes to use a high-gloss card stock for her printable cards, but matte and Kraft papers also work perfectly. Download the printables from Delia Creates.

Shop cardstock for this project:

2. Scratch cards

This isn’t your typical scratch card! Another Delia Creates creation, these 3D cards feature an easy bowtie embellishment and DIY scratch-off interior. All you need is acrylic paint, dish soap, and clear contact paper. Packing tape and wax paper work too, in a pinch!

Get your kids involved by having them write Dad a secret message on the inside of a blank notecard.

Learn how to make your own using Delia’s tutorial.

3. Send a “text”

Anyone can send a quick “Happy Father’s Day” text message! Instead of a simple SMS, send your dad a playful homemade card. This text message-themed missive by Khadija is easy enough for kids to make – all you have to do is cut out some text message shapes, write your message, and pop it into an envelope.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you deliver your message! Khadija slipped hers into her dad’s laptop.

Make your own homemade text message cards using Khadija’s tutorial.

4. Bag it up

Helen Gullett’s DIY cards are a bit more labor intensive, but the final product looks even better than a store-bought card. She created a set of simply embossed white notecards for her husband, and packaged them up in a homemade gift bag complete with a gorgeous handmade card.

Create your own impressive homemade card and gift bag using Helen’s tutorial.

5. Creative collage

This simple paper collage is the perfect make-at-home gift for young kids, and it’s a great way to use up your paper scraps.

Learn more about this project from Artful Parent.

6. Paint party

These DIY thank you cards are easy to customize for Father’s Day. Jean at Artful Parent used colorful Washi tape to write out a message on the front of the card, then set her kids free with watercolor paint to create a bright backdrop. You can even peel off the tape for a tape-resist effect.

Check out these eye-catching cards and learn how to make your own on Artful Parent.

Happy Father’s Day!

Celebrate in style and show your dad how much you care with these easy-to-make handmade cards and gifts.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Get more great Father’s Day ideas.

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