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14 new new years eve party games activities

14 New Year’s Eve Party Games and Activities

During the inevitable rush to prepare for Christmas and in the aftermath of the big day, it’s easy to forget about New Year’s. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been planning your NYE bash for months or if you’re simply putting together an impromptu shindig – New Year’s Eve is always one of the most fun and festive nights of the year.

If you’ve left your party planning a little late this year, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with 14 fun and easy party games and activities. Plus, we’re sharing our favorite NYE decorations at the bottom of this post, so stay tuned!

1. Last Minute Invitations

Throwing a spontaneous party? Don’t skip the invitations! These printables by Lia Griffith are perfect for last-minute soirees.

lia griffith new years eve party printable invitation

Download the printable from Lia Griffith.

2. Planning Checklist

Left your planning a little late this year? Make sure you don’t forget any pre-party tasks with this printable checklist:

new years eve party checklist

Download the checklist here.

3. Memories of 2016

Wax nostalgic for all the good things that happened in 2016 with this printable game.

classy clutter new years eve memory game

Download the prompt cards from Classy Clutter.

4. Bingo

Who doesn’t love a good game of Bingo? This classic game is perfect for your NYE party.

flavorwire new years eve bingo

Download the printable Bingo cards from Flavorwire.

5. Printable Minute to Win It Games

Get the party going with these fast, fun Minute To Win It games by the Dating Divas.

dating divas minute to win in printable new years eve party game

Get the games from the Dating Divas.

6. NYE Mad Libs

Get ready for uncontrollable fits of laughter! Mad Libs are always a party game winner, especially around New Year’s.

dating divas new years eve mad libs

Download your own printable Mad Libs from the Dating Divas.

7. New Year’s Resolutions Mad Libs

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Find out what your friends have planned for 2017 with these alternative printable mad libs from the Idea Room.

idea room new years eve resolution mad libs

Get the printables here.

8new years eve photo props. 2017 Photo Props

These free printable photo props are the perfect addition to any NYE party! Keep your camera handy so you can snap silly photos of your guests all night long.

Download the printables from Party in a Cinch.

9. Sparklers

Who doesn’t love sparklers? Try handing out bunches of sparklers wrapped in this cute printable wrapper – after your midnight champagne toast, of course!

lil luna new years eve sparklers

Download the printables from Lil Luna.

10. Countdown to Midnight

Countdown to midnight with fun-filled party bags courtesy of the Dating Divas!

dating divas new years eve countdown bags

Download the printables and follow this tutorial.

11. DIY Pinata

Work out the stresses of 2016 with this DIY NYE pinata by Lia Griffith. Fill it with beads, candy, or anything you please!

lia griffith new years eve pinata

Create your own with this tutorial by Lia Griffith.

Activities for Kids

Got kids coming to your party? Make sure they have a smashing NYE with these games and activities:

12. Scavenger Hunt

Keep kids entertained all night long with this NYE scavenger hunt.

reasons skip housework new years eve scavenger hunt

Download the printable hunt from Reasons to Skip the Housework.

13. Colorable Party Hats

Get ready to see (and wear!) some real NYE masterpieces with these colorable party hats:

happiness homemade new years eve coloring party hat

Get the printables from Happiness is Homemade.

14. NYE Eye Spy

Who didn’t love I Spy books when they were younger?

new years eve eye spy

Download the printables from Simple Play Ideas.

The Countdown is On!

New Year’s Eve is approaching fast. If you’re still planning your party, don’t panic! We’ve got you covered with some of the best (and most affordable) party games.

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