Unleash the Festive Fun: 12 DIY Christmas Cards For Kids To Make & Share

‘Tis the season to deck the halls, shop for gifts, and of course…mail holiday cards! Whether this is your first year sending holiday messages or you send Christmas missives to loved ones near and far every year, DIY cards are a lovely way to add a personal touch to your mailings. (Of course, if you don’t have time to DIY, store bought is fine 😉)

For added holiday bonus points, loop your kids into the cardmaking process. Not only will you give them a fun holiday activity to help channel their festive spirit, but their hard work will also infuse your holiday messages with an extra special handmade touch.

To save you from searching for the best Christmas cards for kids to make, we’ve compiled 12 of our favorite DIY Christmas cards for kids in the list below. Keep reading to find your favorite (or favorites), along with the perfect papers for each card.

Let’s get started.

1. Fingerprint Lights Card

What kid doesn’t love to get a little messy—especially when it’s in the name of Christmas? This easy fingerprint light card by The Joy Of Sharing will take moments to make, but provide hours of fun (especially if you need lots of them). And it’s so easy, kids of any age can do it. Follow the instructions here.

Shop paper and cardstock for this project:

2. Fingerprint Tree

Since their hands are covered in paint anyway, why not add another fingerprint motif card to your mix this year? This fingerprint card by A Dab Of Glue Will Do makes use of negative space to give the kiddos a bit more space for creative expression. Get the instructions here.

Shop paper and cardstock for this project:

3. Reindeer Games Card

If painted cards (and the mess they make) aren’t your style, this reindeer-in-a-snowstorm Christmas card by Non-Toy Gifts is super simple to make with basic crafting supplies. Here’s how to do it.

Shop paper and cardstock for this project:

4. Simple Snowpeople Cut-out Cards

These simple snowpeople cut-out cards by Craftideas are easy to make with just white card stock and a few scraps of orange. Craftideas has created a printable template, but you can make them without a template by simply tracing a snowman shape onto a folded sheet of cardstock. Just make sure one edge of the snowman lines up with the folded edge of the paper. Here are the instructions.

Shop paper and cardstock for this project:

5. Pom Pom Christmas Tree Card

Whether you use sparkly pom poms to make trees, wreaths, or any other holiday decor, this fun card by The Joy Of Sharing is perfect for kids of any age. Here are the instructions.

Shop paper and cardstock for this project:

6. Poinsettia Wreath Cards

These pretty poinsettia and wreath cards by Style At Home are a great craft for older kids to undertake, or for projects you want to undertake with your littles together—the precise cutting may be a bit tough for tiny hands. The result is an eye-catching 3D card that is sure to get anyone in the holiday spirit! Get the instructions here.

7. Pop-up Christmas Trees

These 3D trees by One Little Project are easy to make with just a few square pieces of paper. Printable templates are provided so you know just what size square to cut. Not a fan of traditional holiday colors? You can make them in any color you like! We suggest using cardstock for the card, and a lighter text weight paper for the trees—it’ll be easier to fold. Here are the instructions.

Shop paper and cardstock for this project:

8. Printable Joy Coloring Cards

Little kids may need your help cutting out these cards (there are printable templates—don’t worry), but as soon as they’re cut you can set them loose to color them in. Download the printable template from The Best Ideas for Kids.

Shop paper and cardstock for this project:

9. Cute Cut-out Cards

These easy cut-out cards by The Best Ideas For Kids are perfect for even the youngest kids. They may need some help with cutting, but there’s no limit to how they can decorate these paper tree or gift box cards.

Shop paper and cardstock for this project:

10. Pop-Up Christmas Cards Two Ways

These pop-up cards by Sweet Teal are great for kids of all ages, and with two variations to choose from, your kids can stay busy for hours creating festive pop-up trees and secret snowpeople. Get the directions here.

Shop paper and cardstock for this project:

11. Christmas Shadow Box Card

This unique shadow box card by Jennifer Maker is like two cards in one—slide the pull tab, and the paper lights will magically turn on, snow will fall, and a gift tag will appear under the tree. This intriguing card may be a bit challenging for younger kids, but crafty kiddos and teenagers should have no trouble putting it together. Here’s how to make it.

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12. Snowflake Cut-Out Cards

These cut-out cards by The Spruce are easy enough for any kiddo. The Spruce uses snowflakes, reindeer, and trees to create their cutouts, but any holiday-themed cutter will do (or ink stamps, if you don’t have cutters). If you do use stamp cutters, use the cut-out shapes to decorate the inside of the card, or create matching gift tags to match the card. Follow the tutorial here.

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Wrapping Up

These DIY Christmas cards for kids to make are perfect for getting you and your kiddos (no matter what age) into the festive spirit. With ideas for the youngest kids to older teens, we’ve got your holiday card mailing game covered.

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