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June Weddings

  • Sunny weather is perfect for photos and outdoor weddings.
  • It’s warm, but not too hot, and the chance of rain is lower.
  • Fewer competing holidays to contend with.
  • Venues and vendors are more expensive during wedding season.
  • June dates are in high demand. Venues may be hard to book, and you may be competing with other brides.
  • Summer weddings often require a longer engagement while you wait for venues.

By the time June rolls around, everyone is starting to get into the summer spirit.


Take advantage of the sunny weather by incorporating summer motifs into your event decor- tropical motifs like and other citrus-inspired colors and graphics scream summer. Serve pitchers of bright fruit-infused water, decorate your tables with bright floral tablerunners, and create centerpieces using bowls or baskets of oranges, limes, and lemons . Warmer temperatures also call for cookout-style food like sliders and other crowd-pleasing BBQ classics, and of course, celebrating under the stars  at a day-to-night outdoor event.

Lanterns  make a lovely decoration for an indoor or outdoor June wedding. For an unconventional twist, fill them till they’re overflowing with draping colorful, local wildflowers or other seasonal blooms, such as:

  • Dahlias
  • Daisies
  • Delphinium
  • Sweet Pea


If you’re planning a June wedding, try incorporating at least one bright, bold color into your palette:

  • Hot Pink: This bright, feminine shade pairs well with darker hues as well as understated neutrals, and even other bright colors like orange or yellow.
  • Orange: For a more understated look, opt for a pastel peach.
  • Bright Gold: Think sunshine and sunflowers!

All images used with permission.
  • Teal: Beach season is upon us—get into the spirit with a radiant teal.

  • Dusty Blue: If bright colors don’t appeal to you, a monochrome palette featuring a dusty blue or pastel pink is perfect for the season without being overly in-your-face. It also looks lovely with gold and teal.

Paper and Stationery

Spring/summer (dare I say “sprummer”?) calls for light, lovely invitations:

Translucent Vellum:  Add dimension to your stationery suite by using layers of translucent vellum paper. Add a subtle mat, or print directly onto translucent sheets for an affordable but luxurious look and feel.

All images used with permission.

Bright Envelopes:  Send your invites in a brightly colored envelope to set the scene for a vibrant and (hopefully) sunny event.

All images used with permission.

Summer Motifs: Play on the themes and flavors of summer by incorporating a citrus or tropical motif . Pineapples are especially popular at the moment!

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Ombre: For a subtler look, choose one bright summer hue as the base for an ombre design.

Ensembles: Invitation ensembles make it easy to get your invitation suite ready to go in no time flat, leaving you more time to focus on planning the rest of your summer wedding. Check out these summer sets:

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