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Tempt In-Store Productions Debuts A New Very-Large-Format Press

Tempt In-Store Productions Debuts A New Very-Large-Format Press

If you’re used to printing brochures, annual reports, or newsletters on letter- or legal-size paper, you might not know just how large a “very-large-format” press is.

Tempt In-Store Productions, a Quad/Graphics company, recently debuted a new very-large-format (VLF) press in Sussex, WI. The new VLF press prints up to 81×59” – that’s 6’9 by just under 5 feet! To put that in perspective, the new VLF press can print on a substrate that’s almost a full foot taller than the average American man. Picture Magic Johnson – he’s 6’9 – and then picture a piece of paper. That’s how large “very large” is.

Average Guy vs. VLF Printing

The KBA Rapida 205 is designed to print point-of-purchase (POP) signage, posters, displays, and graphics on a variety of both paper and plastic substrates. Mike Draver, the president of Tempt, says that the new press will allow Tempt to “provide a new level of options of retailers and marketers looking to push the boundaries of shopper engagement”.

Curious about how Tempt managed to install such a giant press? Check out this video:

Read more about Tempt In-Store Productions’ new VLF press here.


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