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Pause Before Print: Tips for Every Paper

Pause Before Print: Tips for Every Paper

Not all paper is created equal! Some papers require specific inks, handling techniques, and customized printing. It’s important to understand your paper and your printer before you hit Ctrl P (or Command P). The Paper Mill Store has years of experience working with different types of paper, and we want to share our knowledge!

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Under Wraps

It’s important to keep your paper wrapped in its packaging until right before you print. This will prevent any damage to your paper, such as fingerprints, creasing, or tearing.

Keeping your paper in its mill packaging also allows it to acclimatize to your printing environment for at least 24 hours in order to avoid any unnecessary damage to your paper.

Print Testing

Whenever you print a design or crafting project, you should do a print test before you print your final project. That way, you can iron out any kinks in the printing process and make sure that your project prints properly the first time.

If you want to test how your paper prints before you commit to your project, The Paper Mill Store offers swatch books and paper samples. Simply click on “Order Sample” when choosing your paper.

It’s All In The Details

Every paper is unique and deserves special attention. Check out our Best Practices for Printing and Handling post for more tips on how to treat your paper.


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