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Making a Personal Connection with Neenah Paper

In a world dominated by digital communication, personal mail may feel like an expensive, antiquated practice from days gone by.

Neenah Paper disagrees. Their newest promotion, “Everyone’s Business”, explores the power of personal mail and showcases paper’s unique ability to inspire a special connection with your audience.

Everyone’s Business

Everyone’s Business contains four specially designed direct mail inserts packaged in a perfect bound 8.5 x 11” book. Each insert demonstrates how creative design and printing can help deliver a brand’s message.

“Touch and texture lead to high levels of brand connection and recall.” – Kathy Kemps, Senior Brand Manager

65% of paper consumed in the United States in 2014 was recovered for recycling. The four inserts are all printed on Neenah ENVIRONMENT® recycled papers, showing that it’s possible to create a memorable message without compromising the environment.

Neenah Environment

The package contains a gala invite, a unique brochure for a hotel, a build-it-yourself pop-up for a sustainable housing project, and an informational brochure for a financial summit.

Four Unique Messages Made Possible by Paper

Neenah Paper Environment Everybody's Business Gala InviteThe gala invite includes three panels, each featuring a unique die cut pattern. Using three separate panels adds intrigue and practicality to the message; each panel acts as its own individual canvas and contains specific information like the event message, agenda, or RSVP card. Neenah’s distinctive invite is beautiful inspiration for any event, including corporate gatherings or private functions like weddings.

Neenah’s grometed, six-bladed, multi-patterned fan brochure for a fictional hotel is both eye catching and tactile. Named after Ra, the Sun God, the brochure’s arrangement mimics the shape of the sun. The fan style effectively communicates important information while also reinforcing the hotel’s branding.

Neenah Paper Environment Everybodys Business Ra Hotel
The package also contains a three-piece “build-it-yourself” pop-up die cut for a sustainable housing project. The tangibility of the paper and the interactivity of the pop-up add a physical element to the message in a way that digital communications could never accomplish.

Neenah Paper Environment Everybodys Business Financial Summit
Neenah Paper Environment Everybodys Business Sustainable Housing
The package’s fourth insert, an informational brochure for a financial summit, features an ascending six-panel accordion fold. Again, the design reinforces the message of the event in a manner that digital communications could not achieve; the ascending panels mimic a stock ticker and create a sense of prosperity and growth.

Introducing New Neenah ENVIRONMENT® Colors

Neenah’s inserts were produced using a variety of printing processes, as well as multiple colors and textures from their ENVIRONMENT® collection. In addition to showcasing the power of personal mail, Everyone’s Business introduces six new Neenah colors:

The Power of Personal Mail

Think of paper like a painter thinks of canvas. Like canvas, paper is an essential part of communicating any message. It allows your design to become a work of art, instead of just another message in a pile of junk mail or a crowded e-mail inbox.

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