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introducing folio sized onion skin paper

Introducing Folio-sized Onion Skin Paper

The Paper Mill Store is excited to add extra-large folio-sized onion skin paper to our online paper shop!

Onion skin paper is a thin, lightweight paper. Thanks to its uniform fiber formation and high cotton fiber content (as opposed to standard paper, which is made from wood pulp), it’s also exceptionally strong.

Like actual onion skin, onion skin paper is translucent. It’s only available in white, but it can easily be colored using oil pastels and paint thinner. Simply apply some oil pastel, soak a cotton ball in turpentine or another paint thinner, and spread the oil pastel across your page using the soaked cotton ball.

Onion skin paper is commonly used in a number of paper crafts, including origami, card-making, and scrapbooking. Because it’s so durable, it’s also a popular paper choice for graphic and print designers.

Learn more about onion skin paper and how to use it.

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We carry onion skin paper in standard letter size, and now in extra large 25” x 38” folio sheets!

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