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Featured Wedding Themes: Whimsical Wedding

Featured Wedding Themes: Whimsical Wedding

If “traditional” is the last word you want associated with your wedding, try infusing some whimsy by using unconventional colors and fonts. There are lots of whimsical fonts out there, so brew a cup of tea, settle into your couch, and get ready for what could be a long hunt.

It can be hard to know which fonts combine well with each other because there are so many options, so we’ve put together some of our favorites to help you along.


Housegrind’s cursive glyphs are reminiscent of Notera, but it’s not a strict script font so it’s a little less formal and little more adventurous. It looks best in large sizes, which makes it ideal for signs but not necessarily for headings or other smaller uses.

Featured Wedding Fonts Whimsical Housegrind

Download Housegrind.

KG Hard Candy

KG Hard Candy is an all-around awesome font. It’s cute and curvy, but its strong vertical weight adds some much-needed boldness and strength. And because it’s a script font, it lends a little bit of gravitas without being overwhelming or boring. It’s perfect for headings, placecards, and invitations.

Featured Wedding Fonts Whimsical KG Hard Candy

Download KG Hard Candy.

Austie Bost Envelopes

Austie Bost Envelopes’ vertical emphasis contrasts the cursive glyphs of Housegrind and curvy swirls of KG Hard Candy, while its swooping embellishments keep it from feeling too formal or too jarringly different. And because it’s all capital letters, it’s clear and easy to read – perfect for placecards as well as secondary headings in your menu or programs.

Featured Wedding Fonts Whimsical Austie Bost Envelopes

Download Austie Bost’s Envelopes.


With its cheeky serifs, Espacio adds a touch of traditional class to your body copy, but its tight letter-spacing and the stark difference in height between upper- and lower-case characters add a sense of playfulness.

Featured Wedding Fonts Whimsical Espacio

Download Espacio.


Check out how all four fonts look together:

Whimsical Featured Wedding Fonts Invitation Mockup

Whimsical Featured Wedding Fonts Menu Mockup

What About Paper?

One of the most difficult things about hosting a whimsical wedding is choosing a color palette simply because you have so many options. Don’t panic – having unlimited alternatives can actually be a good thing! Try starting with your favorite color and choosing complimentary tones from there, or let us inspire you with some of our suggestions.

Baby Blue

Light Blue Flat CardsBaby blue is a pleasant, understated choice for a whimsical wedding. It’s light enough to print on so you can easily use it for all your stationery, menus, and placecards, but it’s a nice change from the more traditional white or ivory. Try using this light blue flat card for your invitations – it will lend your wedding a light, airy tone, so your guests can look forward to a night full of whimsical shenanigans rather than a traditional affair (though there’s nothing wrong with that either!). Or, add some drama with dark blue – check out our full selection of blue flat cards.

Bright Orange

Bright Orange Flat CardsIf you want a truly bright affair, orange is definitely the way to go. Just remember that there can be too much of a good thing, so bright orange is probably better for accent pieces rather than as your main hue. However, there’s no reason why you can’t use bright orange for your stationery, like this tangelo-colored flat card. Or, if you want to add a luxurious touch to your orange accents, try using copper flat cards.

Deep Purple

Deep Purple Square Flat CardsNo wedding color palette is complete without a dark hue. This deep purple is a great alternative to the more traditional black or neutral navy. It also makes a great color for bridesmaids dresses, and would look stunning paired with a quiet ivory as part of your stationery suite. Check out this deep purple flat card for inspiration.


Golden Yellow Flat CardsIf orange is too bright for you but you still want to add a sunny touch to your color palette, golden yellow is an excellent alternative. Gold is a bit easier to match with other colors, and will certainly add a hint of luxury and elegance to your whimsical wedding. If a flat gold just isn’t glitzy enough for your taste, try using a metallic gold instead. It’ll definitely add that bright, unconventional oomph to your stationery and get your guests excited for your big day.


Ivory Flat CardsIvory is one of our favorite colors for wedding stationery. It’s classic and it goes with everything, but it’s a bit softer than traditional white. It’s also the perfect base hue because you can use it for just about everything, and it’s easy to pair with complementary punchy accent colors. Try using ivory flat cards for your invitation and menus, or add some extra detail with these panelled cards.

Whimsy Wins

Choosing a whimsical font and color palette can certainly be overwhelming, but don’t let yourself get bogged down in color wheels, paint chips, and a seemingly unlimited number of fonts! A good place to start is with your favorite color, but if nothing stands out to you, feel free to make use of our selections. Hopefully our suggestions inspire you!

Don’t consider yourself to be a whimsical person? No problem! Check out our traditional, art deco, and modern romantic font and paper suggestions, and make sure to take a peek at our font selection tips.

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