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Featured Wedding Themes: Traditional Wedding

Featured Wedding Themes: Traditional Wedding

Selecting fonts for a traditional wedding is tough. Traditional fonts are generally very similar, with only a few major differences in style. However, there are a couple of basic staples you should include, such as a serif font, a script font, and a small caps font.

Here are our suggestions:

Young Love 

Young Love is a beautiful and readable script font. It’s too intricate for body copy, but it works perfectly for headings and signage, and it will look great inside your invitations.

Featured Wedding Fonts Young Love

Download Young Love.

Alegreya SC

Alegreya SC is a simple but elegant small caps font. Because of its clear readability and understated serifs, it’s perfect for almost any use. We’ve used it in invitation and menu mockups, but you could also use it in your programs and just about anything else.

Featured Wedding Fonts Alegreya SC

Download Alegreya SC.

IM Fell

IM Fell is an excellent choice for body copy. Its small serifs pair well with Alegreya’s capitals, while its rounded curves bring out the elegance of Young Love.

Featured Wedding Fonts IM Fell

Download IM Fell.

How Do They Look Together?

Here’s how Young Love, Alegreya, and IM Fell look together.

Traditional Wedding Fonts Invitation Mockup

Traditional Wedding Fonts Menu Mockup

What About Paper?

If you’re planning a traditional wedding, our selection of pre-cut white and ivory flat cards are a good place to start your paper hunt. Or if you’re looking to add a luxe touch to your wedding stationery, try using silver cards.

WhiteWhite Flat Cards

White stationery is clean and classic. It’s a standard choice, and one that is sure to please everyone, from your mother-in-law to your eclectic college roommate. It also pairs perfectly with any color combination, so you won’t have to worry about matching your menus with your centerpieces. Check out our full selection of flat white cards.

IvoryIvory Flat Card

If crisp white feels too stark to you, a softer ivory is the perfect alternative. It’s classic and elegant like white stationery, but it’s easier on the eye and a little more unique. If you’re looking to host a more delicate traditional wedding, take a look at our range of flat ivory stationery.


Silver Flat CardsTraditional doesn’t have to mean boring! Silver is a great option for traditional brides who are looking to add a touch of luxury to their stationery. It’s brash without being obnoxious, but it’s still neutral enough to match the rest of your color palette. For a deluxe look, try using our silver note cards for your invitations and wedding stationery.

Here Comes the Bride 

Traditional weddings are traditional for a reason – they’re classy, elegant, and the perfect theme for those who aren’t interested in spending the next year of your life worrying about finding the exact right color of tablecloth to match your flower arrangements. With a few classic fonts and some tried and true neutrals, your traditional wedding is well on its way.

If a traditional wedding doesn’t appeal to you, take a look at our favorite art deco, modern romantic, and whimsical font and paper suggestions, and make sure to check out our font selection tips before you get started!

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