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Featured Wedding Themes: Modern Romantic Wedding

Featured Wedding Themes: Modern Romantic Wedding

If you like the romance of a traditional wedding but find its classic color and font choices restrictive and boring, try a modern romantic theme. You get to keep all the good stuff about a traditional wedding, but you can still go wild with color and aesthetic.

The modern romantic fonts we’ve selected are a blend of traditional and whimsical typefaces. We’ve retained the formality of script and all caps fonts, as well as a little bit of offbeat charm to avoid feeling stuffy. And they’re all available for free!


Notera is a great script font because it offers a fanciful twist on more traditional options like Young Love. Its handwritten curves lend a casual and charming air to your signage and stationery while remaining elegant and chic; however, it’s difficult to read in smaller sizes, so it may not be ideal for placecards and other small pieces of stationery.

Featured Wedding Fonts Notera

Download Notera.

Learning Curve Pro

Learning Curve Pro is a great alternative or accompaniment to Notera. They pair well together so you can easily use both in the same stationery, or even opt to use Learning Curve Pro all on its own. We suggest using Notera for your signs and headings because it’s a little more unique, and reserving Learning Curve Pro for placecards and headings.

Featured Wedding Fonts Learning Curve Pro

Download Learning Curve Pro.

Ever After

Ever After’s strong verticals and uniform weight help it contrast nicely with the smooth curves of both Notera and Learning Curve Pro. And it’s easy to read, which makes it ideal for smaller uses such as secondary headings in your menu or program.

Featured Wedding Fonts Ever After

Download Ever After.

Print Clearly

Print Clearly is a simple sans-serif font that’s perfect for body copy inside your programs or on your menus. Its rounded edges lend it a bit of whimsy without being too cute or informal, while its plump curves contrast the stark verticals of Ever After and recall the swooping glyphs of Notera and Learning Curve Pro.

Featured Wedding Fonts Print Clearly

Download Print Clearly.


See how all four of our recommendations look together:

Modern Romantic Featured Fonts Placecard Mockup

Modern Romantic Featured Wedding Fonts Menu Mockup

What About Paper?

Paper color is just as important as font choice in setting the tone for a modern romantic wedding. Instead of using bright, punchy colors, soft neutrals and pastels will help set the mood for a romantic affair.

Blush Pink

Blush Pink Flat CardsA soft, light pink is a staple for a modern romantic color palette because it’s sweet and feminine but doesn’t drip with overstated romance. It’s light enough to use as a base for your wedding stationery, and it’s also pretty accent color, which can help tie your stationery in with the rest of your decor. Check out our light pink flat cards, or if you want something with a little more oomph, you could even try using a metallic pink.


Light Purple Flat CardsIf pink feels too feminine, try using a pastel purple. It’s still romantic, but it’s a little more modern and more likely to please your entire wedding party. Plus, purple is suitable for any season, so its perfect for everything from a winter wedding to a sunny summer affair. Try printing your invitations directly onto a lovely light purple flat card, or for a stronger effect, print your stationery on ivory cardstock and back it onto deep purple like we did in our menu mockup!


Ivory Flat Panel CardIt’s important to include at least one neutral tone in your color palette, no matter what theme you choose. Ivory is an excellent alternative to white – it’s less stark, so it’s perfect for a modern romantic theme. Try using ivory panel cards for your invites and stationery – the raised border adds an elegant touch. Or, if you aren’t a fan of the raised border, use a flat ivory card, or even a folded ivory card.

GreenLight Green Flat Cards

“Romantic” doesn’t have to mean feminine! A light or mint green is another lovely romantic hue, and it’s especially well-suited to spring or summer weddings. This light green flat card is perfect for invitations or menus, but you could also use a darker green to compliment your lighter tones.

Color Me Happy

Your font choice and color palette can set the tone for your whole wedding. Luckily, you don’t have to spend too much time deliberating over your choices. Whether you use all of our suggestions or none of them, hopefully they’ve given you some inspiration for your modern romantic wedding.

If a modern romantic theme doesn’t speak to you, check out our traditionalart deco, and whimsical font and paper recommendations. If you’re still unsure, take a look at our font selection tips.

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