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Featured Wedding Themes: Art Deco Wedding

Featured Wedding Themes: Art Deco Wedding

Party at Gatsby’s! Embracing the Art Deco style is a great way to spice up a traditional wedding – its homage to vintage decadence recalls the classic elegance of the 1920s without making your wedding feel stuffy.

There are so many beautiful art deco-inspired fonts out there, but these are some of our favorites (and they’re all free!):

Park Lane

Park Lane screams 1920s. It’s a great font for signs and headings because it’s easily readable, but it’s far from traditional and will certainly add some art deco flair to your wedding.

Featured Wedding Fonts Park Lane

Download Park Lane.

Market Deco

Market Deco’s slight vertical emphasis mimics Park Lane’s, but its glyphs are much clearer and easier to read thanks to their uniform weight. While Park Lane is perfect printed large sizes, Market Deco is ideal for smaller headings.

Featured Wedding Fonts Market Deco

Download Market Deco for free.

Josefin Slab 

Josefin Slab is one of our favorite fonts, especially for an Art Deco wedding. Its rounded glyphs and quirky serifs recall the style of the 1920s without being overbearing, so it’s perfect for pretty much anything, including headings and body copy. Because it’s so easy to read, it’s especially well-suited for body copy in your wedding invitations, programs, or on your menus.

Featured Wedding Fonts Josefin Slab

Download Josefin Slab (and get ready to have your font world rocked).

Menu Mock-Up

Check out our Art Deco selections in this menu mock-up:

Art Deco Featured Wedding Fonts Menu Mockup

What About Paper? 

Creating an Art Deco-themed color palette requires a bit more effort and creativity than a traditional color scheme, but the results can be truly stunning and definitely memorable. There are a lot of Art Deco color palette suggestions available online, but here are a few of our favorites:

Neutral Brown

Neutral Brown Flat CardsEvery wedding color palette should contain at least one neutral tone. Neutrals help prevent your wedding from turning into a circus, and they provide an excellent base on which you can add punches of color without blinding your guests. This neutral brown card is perfect for adding just a hint of color to your invitations and stationery. Plus, its square shape adds some unexpected flair to your wedding correspondence. If you want something darker, check out our range of brown flat cards.

Golden YellowGolden Yellow Flat Cards

A beautiful golden yellow is a staple for any Art Deco color palette. It’s rich and warm without being obnoxious and overly bright. Try using this golden flat card for your invites and menus – it’ll also look great as a bright accent in your floral arrangements.

Dark Blue

Dark Blue Flat CardsNo wedding color palette is complete without a strong dark hue. Dark blue is a classic choice for any color palette, but it works especially well with other art deco hues. You can certainly choose any dark tone for your color palette, but dark blue is a proven classic, and it’s often easier to find other wedding accoutrements in dark blue compared other dark hues, such as gold or copper. You could even dress the men in your wedding party in a dark blue suit. Check out this dark blue flat card for inspiration.

CopperCopper Flat Cards

No art deco theme is complete without a luxurious metallic tone! Just think of skyscrapers glinting in the sunlight and you’ll know why. Instead of opting for a more traditional gold or silver, try using a metallic copper. The orange tone is perfect for an Art Deco color palette.

Extra, Extra! 

The Art Deco style has been a popular party theme for decades, and when you look back on your wedding photos ten or twenty years from now, you’ll see why – it’s timeless, and the colors and unique fonts are enough to make your event stand out without being overbearing. No newsboys required when your wedding theme is Art Deco!

If Art Deco doesn’t suit your style, check out our traditional selections, modern romantic, and whimsical font and paper suggestions. If you still don’t know where to start, our font selection tips can help.

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