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Featured Mill: Domtar

Domtar has been around for nearly two centuries and is one of the largest integrated manufacturers of uncoated paper in the world. Determined to minimize their environmental footprint, Domtar is committed to working with communities to renew forests and protect existing ecosystems. Read on to learn more about this popular paper mill.

The History of Domtar

With roots in Britain and Canada, Domtar has a long history that stretches all the way back to the 1800s.

Initially specializing in the treatment of timber under the name Dominion Tar and Chemical Company, Domtar’s business has evolved over the years to become a leader in paper manufacturing. After a merger between several companies in the 1960s, they began operating under the name Domtar, a portmanteau of Dominion and Tar, and eventually shifted their focus to pulp and paper manufacturing.

Over the years Domtar has expanded their product offering to incorporate a range of fiber-based products and specialty papers, including paper towels, baking cups, sand paper backing, and baby diapers. But they still develop, make and market a wide range of high-quality papers (like Xerox, Cougar®, Husky®, and EarthChoice®) and help customers develop their own house brands.

Environmental Commitment

In 2011, Domtar launched an award-winning online tool called The Paper Trail. This tool allows you to verify where exactly your Domtar products come from and track the social, environmental and economic impact of your paper purchase. See where your paper comes from – try The Paper Trail.

Domtar sources their pulp and paper products from renewable forests and ensures that they are recyclable and reusable. Many of their papers are certified by the Forest Steward Council (FSC), the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), ECOLOGO in Canada, and the Rainforest Alliance. Annually, they donate a portion of revenue earned from EarthChoice product sales to the World Wildlife Federation.


Domtar manufactures a number of brands that are well-suited to any print or design project. Here are some of their most popular:


Cougar brand paper boasts a bright white, opaque sheet with excellent print quality and an electronic imaging guarantee, ensuring its performance on laser printers, desktop inkjet printers and copiers. Its smooth, uniform surface consistently delivers crisp, vibrant images and text.

The Cougar line also offers a selection of matching envelopes. Envelopes are available in natural or white, with a smooth or vellum finish and a variety of sizes to choose from, including standard business envelopes with or without windows (#10).

Recommended Uses
domtar cougar natural envelopes

  • Annual Reports
  • Brochures
  • Corporate identity communications
  • Catalogs
  • General office use
  • Invitations and stationery
  • Personal correspondence

Browse our selection of Cougar brand paper.


Domtar’s EarthChoice paper range is certified by the FSC, the SFI, and the Rainforest Alliance. This eco-friendly line includes their Office paper and Colors paper brands, both enhanced with ColorLok® Technology to ensure a superior print service that delivers bold colors and vivid blacks.

Their Office brand products are a dependable paper for all of your office needs. They’re designed to work on a wide variety of printing equipment and are guaranteed on all high-speed copiers, as well as laser and inkjet printers.

Recommended Uses

domtar earthchoice office white paper

  • Eco-friendly projects
  • Everyday copying
  • High-speed volume applications
  • Reports
  • Internal correspondence

Designed for longevity and performance, EarthChoice Colors papers come in a range of pastel shades, text and cover weights, and finishes for you to choose from.

Recommended Uses
domtar earthchoice colors goldenrod paper

  • Manuals and booklets
  • Newsletters and flyers
  • Bulletins
  • Cards
  • Menus
  • Tags
  • Labels

Check out our EarthChoice brand papers.

Husky Opaque Offset

Husky is a versatile and low-cost archival quality paper made with Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) virgin fiber content. Available in a blue-white shade with a 95 GE brightness, this paper delivers high quality prints and performs well in a variety of print conditions.

Recommended Uses
domtar husky opaque offset white paper

  • Brochures
  • Business proposals
  • Catalogs
  • Direct mail, newsletters and flyers
  • Manuals
  • Menus
  • Textbooks

Browse our selection of Husky brand paper.

No Need to Compromise

Domtar’s commitment to delivering high-quality, environmentally-friendly products makes it easy to find a paper that suits your printing needs without compromising your principles.



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