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DIY Rosette Gift Box

These versatile, rosette-embellished gift boxes make great packaging for small gifts like jewelry, individually wrapped candies and chocolates, or even cash. Tuck the easy-to-make boxes into stockings at the holidays, or use them to package everything from birthday gifts to party favors. The possibilities are endless!

I’ve included “a gift for you” medallions in four different colors in the free printable pdf file, each of which coordinates with the festive, plaid patterned rosettes. Finished box size is 3” x 3” x 1.25”.

What You’ll Need:

  •  A color printer
  • White card stock like CLASSIC CREST Solar White 
  • Printable box template, rosette template, and “a gift for you” medallion (DIY Rosette Gift Box Template Download)
  • Embossing stylus + ruler (or a paper cutter with a scoring blade)
  • Tablet with a heavy cardboard backing (if using stylus + ruler)
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • Craft glue
  • Craft scissors
  • A small piece of scrap card stock (roughly half an inch square) 

To Make the Rosette-Embellished Gift Box:


Print the box template onto card stock and cut out along the solid lines. Score along the dotted lines using either an embossing stylus + ruler on a tablet with a heavy cardboard backing (as shown) or a paper cutter with a scoring blade. Assemble the box using the instructions provided in the printable pdf file.


Print the rosette template and “a gift for you” medallions onto card stock. Cut the rosette templates from the rest of the page and score along the notches in the same manner that was previously used on the box template.


After you’ve finished scoring the rosette, cut the plaid patterned rosette pieces from the card stock and fold in an accordion fold along the scored lines.


Place the last two folded sections of card stock over the first two sections and adhere together with craft glue. Hold the glued pieces together for at least 30 seconds, or until secure.


Turn the folded card stock non-patterned side up and push down in the center to form the rosette. Hold the rosette in place and add glue around the center.


Take a small piece of scrap card stock (roughly half an inch square) and place over the glued area around the rosette center. Press down firmly for at least 30 seconds, or until secure.


Cut out an “a gift for you” medallion. Place glue on the reverse and attach to the center of the patterned side of the rosette. Press down firmly for at least 30 seconds, or until secure.


Attach the rosette to the center of the gift box with glue or double-sided adhesive. If using glue, hold the rosette in place until secure.

I hope you find lots of reasons to use these little gift boxes!

Additional paper craft projects and printables can be found on my blog, Paper Crave, along with plenty of craveable paper goodies.

by Kristen Magee

Kristen Magee

Kristen has been blogging about all things paper on her site, Paper Crave, since 2006. In addition to being a shameless paper fiend, she's also a freelance graphic designer and web developer who creates everything from logos to business collateral to e-commerce websites for small businesses.