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Celebrate #NationalPaperAirplaneDay May 26th

Celebrate #NationalPaperAirplaneDay May 26th

May 26th is National Paper Airplane Day!  


Children and adults alike celebrate what is widely believed to be the original inspiration for the sophisticated and highly-advanced aircrafts we use as modes of transportation today.  

Paper aircraft folding is derivative of origami (the ancient Chinese art of creative paper folding), and is often cleverly referred to as “aerogami” by paper plane enthusiasts.

The standing world record for the farthest paper aircraft flight is an impressive 226 feet and 10 inches, set in North Highlands, California!

Paper airplane models and styles range from the timeless shape we have all come to know and love, up to intricate and elaborate forms.


Whether your model is simple and traditional:


(Tip: Try our 12 x 12″ 65 lb. cover stock for this!)



Or a bit more daring and complex:

–Check out our vibrant colored Astrobrights and BriteHue papers for this!



The sky is the limit– celebrate a fun piece of history by folding and flying your very own paper airplane!



Looking to step up your game?  Follow this tutorial to make an elastic band paper plane launcher.  



Make your paper plane completely unique by printing or drawing designs on it before folding it up!



(Try these bright white papers for a perfect blank canvas!)


Use a textured paper for some extra fun with your design:



Or save your favorite planes from damage with our tear-proof and moisture-resistant papers!








Emily Lokken