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year in publishing 10 words

A Year in Publishing in 10 Words

From drama at the U.S. Postal Service to Google’s algorithm changes to a surge in native advertising, 2014 was an interesting year in publishing. Dead Tree Edition’s recently published list of ten words that describe 2014 in publishing effectively summarizes the trends and changes that left their mark during the last 365 days.

We liked Dead Tree Edition’s analysis so much we turned it into an infographic. Make sure you read the full article – it includes more insightful commentary, and more than a bit of sass.

10 Words to Describe 2014 in Publishing


Ten Words that Summarize What Happened to Publishing in 2014“. Dead Tree Edition. January 4, 2015.

Steph Schinkel

Steph is an avid crafter, DIY enthusiast, and regular contributor to The Paper who loves to handmake all of her cards. Above all else, Steph is a die-hard foodie with a massive sweet tooth and a deep, soul-consuming love for chocolate.